Open Call for Core Team of Network Enlargement Task Force

Network Enlargement

#WHAT: Open Call for Core Team of Network Enlargement Task Force (NETF)

#DEADLINE to apply: 26th of August, 23.59 CEST

#DURATION: 1 year cycle

#HOW: fill in the form

Dear AEGEEans,

During the first weeks of our term we have been busy setting our common vision and our priorities in order to ultimately draft our activity plan as CD56. We all want in our term to put attention in the strategic and sustainable expansion and growth of the AEGEE network. For this reason, taking into account different initiatives taking place around the network in the past months (founding trips, mentorship system, study trips, interest of regular AEGEEans), we decided to create an initiative to ensure sustainable enlargement of the AEGEE network while mobilizing regular AEGEEans as actors of change. Therefore, it is our pleasure to introduce you the Network Enlargement Task Force.

Main Responsibilities of Task Force’s Core Team:

·         Coordination and close cooperation with the involved AEGEE-Europe bodies

·         Implement the new Network Enlargement strategy of AEGEE-Europe (which will be presented in Autumn Agora Istanbul)

·         Have an overview of the new contacts’ development throughout the cycle together with the Network Director and the Network Commission

·         Research potential cities together with the Comité Directeur and the Network Commission

·         Contact external organizations and stakeholders in the potential cities

·         Plan and support the content of the founding trips

·         Finding motivated AEGEEans to support the establishment and growth of the new contacts

·         Engage other thematic bodies of AEGEE-Europe in the initiative

So if you would like to be part of this initiative, spread the AEGEE spirit and work for the development of our Network, we invite you to apply to be part of this journey!

Additionally, even if you don’t have time to be part of the Core Team, you can still be part of this initiative! If you think there is a city with potential for a new AEGEE local to bloom and/or AEGEEans living in a non-AEGEE city and you would like to suggest it to the Task Force, please fill in this form!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us ( and

Are you ready to make it happen all together?

Europeanly yours,

CD56 – Alejandra, Evrim, Marco, Matis, Monika, Spyros & Viola

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