Open-call for EQAC members


Dear Network,

EQAC team invites you to join Events world and become a member of the comission! Applications should be send till November 19th, 12:00 CET to email

As the current team of the Events Quality Assurance Committee (EQAC) is reaching the end of its term, we would like to announce the Open Call for November 2017- October 2018.

This open-call is for reach a number of members of Committee, each member will have General Task as well as Specific Task, related to:

General Tasks:

  1. Assessing Events of the locals.

  2. Managing the evaluation of events.

  3. Communication with locals according to process of organizing events. (Members have a local distribution and each is in charge of a few networks)

  • PR responsible (2)

Your tasks will be:

1. Be responsible of the Committee Facebook page and communication channel with the network.

2. Creating visuals for promotional purposes

3. Supporting the locals with the promotion of their events

  • IT responsible (1)

Your tasks will be:

1. Following, improving and creating IT tools to improve the committee and events management

2. Managing available Network tools, supporting and problem solving (Podio, Drive and Members’ Portal page)

3. Possible knowledge IT developing (editing, language, programming) to support MyAegee portal migration

  • Secretary (1)

Your tasks will be:

1. Evaluating applications to organise European and AEGEE Events

2. Taking the minutes of the meetings of the Committee

3. Be reliable of compliance with deadlines in whole committee procedures

  • Content Manager (2)

Your tasks will be:

  1. Creation of materials for committee and activities managed (online and offline WS)
  2. Relating with the network, renovating and empowering existing materials according to the need, tendences

  3. Maintaining Member Portal page, and content structure in general

If you are interested, we encourage you to send your applications to by *November 19th, 12:00 CET*. Your application should contain the following info:

  • Name and surname, local, member since

  • AEGEE experience, specified on Event Organization and managing roles.

  • Your availability

  • Short motivation letter explaining why you would like to contribute as an E.Q.A.C. member

Please, forward this Open-call to your members, and if you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Cheers and looking forward to read your application!

EQAC members: Maria K., Daria, Mauro, Maria S.

If you forgot what we do, here is a reminder. The main aims of Events Quality Assurance Committee (EQAC) are:

– Acknowledge the whole Aegee events taking place within the network each year,

– improve the preparation and organisation of events in AEGEE,

– support the locals in the planning and promotion of their events,

– be on charge to develop Quality Assurance Guidelines by following Framework for Quality Assurance of Non-Formal Education


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