Open Call for Equal Rights Working Group Coordinator

Are you passionate about Equal Rights? Do you want to empower the whole Network to organise activities and events related to this Focus Area? Do you have good organisational and team management skills? Then you are the person we are looking for!

During Spring Agora Kraków no Working Group Coordinator for Equal Rights was elected, so he or she will be selected through this Open Call and will be appointed by the Comité Directeur.

What is a Working Group?

The Working Group ensures the Action Agenda implementation for the focus area of Equal Rights. This means organizing activities (e.g. conferences, trainings, online actions), promoting the Focus Area (via Facebook, newsletter, and through workshops at Statutory Events and NWMs) and supporting locals in organizing activities related to the Focus Area (e.g. providing ideas for content).

Moreover, the Coordinator and the Policy Officer are also in charge of following policy developments in Europe related to this Focus Area and representing AEGEE-Europe externally in this field. This means writing statements in particular occasions, drafting a policy paper/position paper (if needed), attending events (if possible).

To know more about the Working Groups, see the section “Working Group Rules” in the CIA.

The Action Agenda objectives for Equal Rights for the term 2018/2019 are

  1.  Organise activities in at least 60 different locals on diversity, inclusion and/or discrimination, with at least 50% focused on gender or LGBT+ from an intersectional perspective.  
    2.  Develop a diversity toolkit and have a pilot in 5 locals.
    3.  Assure the accessibility to and the inclusivity of AEGEE events, of at least 5 European events, for people with disabilities.  
    4.  Organise at least 50 local activities on the topic of sexual harassment or consent.

What are the tasks of a Working Group Coordinator?

The “core” responsibilities of a coordinator are:

  1. recruit the working group members (max 6) and one policy officer through an open call.
  2. organize a live meeting at the beginning of the mandate (August-October)
  3. present the activity plan, interim activity report and activity report at Agora.

Apart from that, the coordinator is in charge of making sure that the activity plan of the Working Group gets implemented. This means organizing the workflow of the WG, ensuring that everything gets done on time and keeping an overview of the tasks of the other team members. Usually the Working Group coordinator is also in charge of keeping relations with other AEGEE bodies and to identify opportunities for cooperation or participation in other AEGEE events.

What do you need as a Working Group Coordinator?

  1. A good knowledge of AEGEE
  2. Interest for the topic of Equal Rights
  3. Organisational skills and team management skills. Experience in working with international teams remotely is a plus.

In order to apply, fill in this form until 15 May.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact the current Working Group Coordinator at

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