Open Call for Erasmus+ project mandates – Upgrade your local with funded projects!



#Application form

#Hangout with the Network – 30 January

#Deadline: 31 January

#Second deadline: 14th February


Dear AEGEEans


With this email, we are happy to launch a call for Erasmus+ partnership mandates towards the AEGEE network, in order to involve you and your local in the development of upcoming funded projects and initiatives, AEGEE-Europe is working on.

If your local wants to get involved, you can:

  1. Learn about projects under development in the AEGEE-Europe headoffice,
  2. Get involved as partners of the project and receive funding for activities with successful applications.

“New projects? How?”

The following ideas are drafted by the Comite Directeur based on the needs of the organisation, based on the development of our external partnerships, and based on the relevant processes on the European agenda, where AEGEE can get involved in.


“Get involved! What is in it for my local?”

The project funds would support already existing AEGEE activities, by supporting the AEGEE locals’ events and activities with funding and content expertise from the partnering organisations. There are different types of events listed in the proposal, seminars, trainings, conferences, possible Summer University cooperation as well. The concrete activities will be worked out with the participating local, tailoring it to their needs.


“What do I do next?”

Please read the proposals presentation outlining the projects, and choose up to three projects where your local would be interested in getting involved in! The motivation section should indicate WHY do you think those projects would work the best for your local. Application process:

Step 1: Check if you have a PIC number and if you have already submitted it. If NOT, please use this form.

Step 2: Fill in the application form!

Step 3: Wait for a response from CD



The projects will be submitted in the upcoming deadlines of Erasmus+

February 2: European Engagement, Financial Management Training – January 31st deadline applies

March 8 and April 28: the rest of the proposed projects

Questions: /


DISCLAIMER 1: Applications for the Financial Management Training  will be approved based on a first come / first match basis, depending on the diversity of the applications. Be fast to decide on this one!


DISCLAIMER 2: The mandates selected for the projects will be based on making sure there is geographical diversity represented among the partners. If there is a mandate from a local from one country, the second application from the same country can be disregarded, but the city of the event can be negotiated. It is a bit complicated but we are happy to answer questions!

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