Open Call for European Training Course

When: 1-3 December
Fee: 20 Euros
No. of participants: max. 8
Local Training Courses (LTCs) equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary to take up responsibilities in AEGEE locals and boards, while the European Training Course aims at preparing members to take an active role in the European bodies of AEGEE.

The concept is similar to European Schools – but being more accessible by lasting only weekend and taking place regularly in the AEGEE house in Brussels. Moreover, it is not only a place for training but also for consultation and brainstorming – there where you can have a sneak peek into the work of Comité Directeur and develop your ideas for initiatives inside AEGEE. Our role will be to show you the ways to realize those ideas and to equip you with skills necessary to make them happen.

Sounds good? Then apply here.

The application period is open until 13.11.2017. Applications will be assessed continuously during the application period and once we reach the maximum number of adequate candidates we reserve the right to close it earlier.
Apply and see you in Brussels! :)

Your Comité Directeur
Adonis, Fabrizio, Florian, Loes, Marco, María and Teresa

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