Open Call for Hosting Local of Equal Rights Conference 2018

Dear AEGEEans,

Do you want to boost thematic activities in AEGEE? Are you interested in Equal Rights, in fighting discrimination and promoting diversity? Do you want to take up the challenge of organizing a conference in your city? Would you like to receive more visibility at the local and European level? Then this is the open call for you!


The Equal Rights Working Group is planning to organize a conference in 2018 on a topic related to its Focus Area.
We are now looking for an awesome local to host this event! Do you want to be the chosen one?


Time: preferably January,February or May 2018, but the dates are flexible.

Length: at least 1, maximum 4 working days.

Costs: the fee should be as low as possible. The local should be able to cover part of the cost of the conference through University funds or through local grants. The Working Group will contribute to drafting any grant application and will help in searching for additional sources of funds.

Number of participants: ideally 30-50, but flexible.

Topics: Equal Rights tackles discrimination based on gender identity, expression and sexual orientation, but also any other forms of discrimination (e.g. based on class, race, religion, nationality, disability) as they intersect and overlap with others (intersectionality).

The hosting local can propose a topic and can contribute in content development, if it wishes to do so.

Some examples of topics:

  • Muslim women in Europe: between islamophobia and gender discrimination.
  • Women’s rights and gender roles in post-soviet countries.
  • Women in migration/Women refugees.
  • LGBTQ+ rights in Europe.
  • Gender violence and homophobia: what is the situation in Europe today?
  • Reproductive rights and sexual rights: an unfinished struggle?
  • Gender equality and development: the UN sustainable development goals.

But any other topic connected to Equal Rights and relevant or interesting for the hosting local is more than welcome!


Concerning the thematic conference, the Working Group will:

  • take care of all the content for the conference
  • provide trainers and speakers
  • manage the PR of the event (in cooperation with the local)
  • handle the application procedure of participants  (in cooperation with the local)
  • select the participants (in cooperation with the local)

The host local should offer:

  • lodging
  • facilities for the conference
  • 3 meals a day
  • social programme
  • local transport


Apply through this form before the 12th of October.
EXTENDED OPEN CALL before the 23rd of October at 23:59

If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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