Open Call for Human Resources Committee members

#apply via link
#deadline 15th of October 23:59 CET
The Human Resources Committee needs YOU !!!
We are a team of motivated AEGEEans from all over the network taking care of the Human Resources Management of AEGEE.
Just before Agora Enschede we met in a live meeting in Budapest and discussed the current HR needs of the network. If you are interested in helping us with them, you can find an overview here. In order to work on all of this, we invite you to join us and support any of the projects you find interesting.
If you are interested in joining us please open this link and apply until 15th of October 23:59 CET
Once our new members are selected we will get to discussing our new Activity Plan for the upcoming term.
Don’t worry if you are afraid of all the new things: you will receive a knowledge transfer session beforehand.
Currently you might mostly know us from events like the HRTCs, from NWM sessions or our Agora Mentorship system. But there is so much more to us like HR support to locals, working on the identity of AEGEE-Europe, internal education, recognition of volunteer work and much more.
Join us and find out!
Unleash your inner super HeRo and APPLY!


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