Open Call for Interim Secretary General and Interim Communications Director

#WHAT: Open Call for Interim Secretary General and Interim Communications Director
#WHEN: Start as soon as possible
#Deadline: 7th of February 23:59 CET

Dear AEGEEans

Due to resignations within the Comité Directeur, we are issuing an open call for Interim Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe and Interim Communications Director of AEGEE-Europe.

Interim means that this person is going to be selected by the remaining Comite Directeur 2017-2018. The member selected by this open call will have the chance to present their candidature during Spring Agora Krakow and be officially elected by the Agora until the end of the mandate of the Comité Directeur: 31st of July 2018. The open positions are diverse and demanding portfolios and therefore we ask you to read the task description carefully and consider your application accordingly.

  1. Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe

Administration of the headoffice of AEGEE-Europe:

– Responsible for the central contact address ( with approx. 200 incoming emails per day

– Responsible for distribution of information arriving to headoffice among the rest of the board – the incoming information can be: newsletters, visa letter requests, various certificates, other requests from individuals and from organisations

– Responsible for having an overview of all portfolios of the board and follow up on the requests forwarded to board members and decisions taken during board meetings

– Responsible for the administration of staff members of AEGEE-Europe (contracts, salary sheets, timesheets, official communication with the Belgian authorities)

Internal administration of AEGEE:

– Responsible for the General Mailing

– Support the organisation of statutory events (Agorae and European Planning Meeting)

General board member tasks:

– Supporting other board members in their administrative tasks: volunteer agreements, operating grant writing, structuring the work of the team

– Handle guest requests to the AEGEE House

– Overview of the house calendar

– External representation of AEGEE-Europe in Brussels

– Work with European Bodies according to interest and availability

We are looking for a person who:

– is precise

– is proactive

– can work efficiently under pressure

– can manage the time and workload in a structured way

– for the headoffice administration part of the portfolio, the knowledge of Dutch and/or French languages is helpful (not mandatory).

2) Communications Director of AEGEE-Europe

Internal communication of AEGEE:

  • 2 internal newsletters per month

  • Overview of statistics related to Social Media

  • Finishing the new website of AEGEE-Europe

  • Maintaining the members portal

  • Collaborate with supporting bodies related to communication: Public Relations Committee, the AEGEEan and Key to Europe team

  • Managing the merchandising of AEGEE-Europe

External communications of AEGEE:

  • External newsletter (4x per year)

  • Social Media management

  • EurActiv blog

  • Develop a strategy for visibility of AEGEE in Brussels

General board member tasks:

  • Develop a public relations strategy for AEGEE-Europe

  • Support other CD members in the communication of their initiatives

  • Work with European Bodies according to interest and availability

  • The communications portfolio allows for creativity and innovation, bring your own ideas!

We are looking for a person who:

– is creative

– has basic design skills

– has basic knowledge on public relations

– can work efficiently under pressure

– can manage the time and workload in a structured way

– has good communication and language skills


In case we do not receive an application that would meet the criteria and would be given a clear preference by the board of AEGEE-Europe, we reserve the right not to select any of the applicants.

Deadline for applications: 7th of February 23:59 CET

Please send your applications to – containing:

Name and surname

AEGEE local

AEGEE experience

Relevant non-AEGEE experience

Task-related experience


Programme for the term

Once again, in case you have any questions related to the position, please do not hesitate to ask all of us for clarification!

Looking forward to your applications,

and looking forward to welcoming the 6th and 7th member of the board in our team!

Europeanly yours,


Fabrizio, Loes, Marco, María, Teresa

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