Open Call for Jobshadowers

#What: Job shadowing in AEGEE’s head office in Brussels
#When: before Spring Agora Enschede
#Who: Motivated members, potential CD candidates
#About: future of AEGEE, understanding the complexity of CD’s work, leadership

Dear AEGEEans,

As you know, our Brussels headoffice is the place where the Comité Directeur, our staff members and assistants are working for you. We manage the work of AEGEE-Europe, plan the strategic development of the organisation based on your input, assist you in your work as much as possible, and initiate and implement improvements in AEGEE. We also act as ambassadors of AEGEE’s values and positions towards European institutions and organisations.

As the work in the Comité Directeur is a fascinating, but also a challenging experience, we would like to offer you the chance to shadow our work. This call is addressed to any committed AEGEE member, who would like to gain a better understanding of the reality of our work, but especially to those who are thinking of running for the Comité Directeur during the Spring Agora Bergamo.

We would like to offer you an experience of approximately 1 week, to come to our Brussels head office and assist a particular CD member with her/his tasks, and gain a better understanding of the complexity of AEGEE’s work in specific fields.

If you are interested in shadowing a concrete position(s), please contact the respective CD member, with whom you will arrange the details of your stay. You can find our contact details below and on the website:

  • Réka – President (
  • Katarzyna – Secretary General (
  • Zvonimir – Financial Director (
  • Maarten – Vice President & External Relations Director (
  • Joanna – Projects & Communications Director (
  • Lia – Human Resources Director (
  • Tekla – Network Director (

In case you have particular questions, please contact any of us, or for more general ones.

We are looking forward to spending a week with YOU!

Your Comité Directeur 2016-2017,
Joanna, Kasia, Lia, Maarten, Réka, Tekla and Zvonimir

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