Open Call for Planning Team

planning team

Do you want to make a long-term impact on our organisation and bring it to the next level?

Are you a forward-looking and visionary change-maker?

Would you like to contribute to setting the goals and priorities of AEGEE for the next three years?

Then this is the open call for you!

The current Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe runs until July 2020. In June 2019, a Strategic Planning Meeting will take place to draft the new Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe, which will then be presented and approved at Autumn Agora Salerno 2019. The new Strategic Plan will enter into force on the 1st of August 2020. The Comite Directeur and the Planning Team are in charge of supervising the process of drafting the new Strategic Plan.

But what is the Planning Team?

The Planning Team is a group of experienced and motivated AEGEEans who assist the Comite Directeur in one of the most exciting tasks of this year: laying the groundwork for the Strategic Plan 2020-2023!

The specific tasks of the Planning Team are:

  • Doing background research on different strategic plan models and on different strategic planning processes;
  • Assisting the Comite Directeur in the needs analysis of AEGEE-Europe;
  • Analysing the environment in which AEGEE-Europe operates and individuate future challenges and opportunities;
  • Assisting the Comite Directeur in running network consultations on the future Focus Areas;
  • Preparing the content of the Planning Meeting;
  • Participating in the facilitation of the Planning Meeting;
  • Follow-up of the Planning Meeting.

The Planning Team will contribute to both the organisational and the thematic part of the Strategic Plan.

The Planning Team is entitled to participate for free in:

  • One live meeting
  • Agora
  • The Strategic Planning Meeting

You are the right person if you…

  • Have a structured mindset and good research skills
  • Have a time availability of around 5 hours per week from February to July 2019

What will you gain?

  • Experience working in an international team;
  • In-depth knowledge of AEGEE-Europe;
  • Expertise in Strategic Planning in a Europe-wide organisation with 13.000 members;
  • Improve many soft and hard skills, including research, facilitation, teamwork…
  • Learn to manage the content of a large-scale event;
  • Make a lasting impact on one of the biggest European student associations.

Ready for the challenge? Then apply here by 31.01.2019

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