Open call for Policy Officer on Gender Equality & 2 co-moderators of the Gender Equality Interest Group

GEIG moderator

#WHAT Policy Officer on Gender Equality & 2 co-moderators of the Gender Equality Interest Group

#HOW here for the position of Policy Officer & here for the position of co-moderator

#DEADLINE 8.11.2018

#WHO You!

We are opening a position for Policy Officer on Gender Equality from now till Autumn Agora 2019 and for two co-moderators of the Gender Equality Interest Group.

For the Policy Officer:

The work of the Policy Officer will be connected to the AEGEE-Europe Project GENDERS, which is building an e-Learning platform for youth organisations to become more gender-friendly, and to the Gender Equality Interest Group of AEGEE-Europe, forum for discussion since several years for this topic. To continue contributing to this debate in a meaningful way, a stronger emphasis on research and policy is needed. Therefore, you will work closely together with the moderator of the GEIG, Eleonora Ceschin, the Project Officer for GENDERS, Maria Ballesteros Melero, and the Comite Directeur appointed member for the topic of Gender Equality, Viola Bianchetti.

If you want to help the organisation to be more involved in combating gender inequality, if you have a strong devotion to this topic and if you feel enthusiastic about building together AEGEE, this is the right place for you!

Tasks of the Policy Officer

  • Monitoring the external and internal news related to gender equality (in cooperation with the moderator and co-moderators of the Gender Equality Interest Group).
  • Informing the Network about the external happenings related to gender equality and starting discussions about it within the Network (in cooperation with the moderators of the Gender Equality Interest Group).
  • Gathering the general opinion of the Network and developing the position of AEGEE (in the form of a policy paper), as well as writing shorter positions and opinions (in the form of a position paper) to react to external happenings related to the gender equality.
  • Assist the Project Officer for GENDERS in carrying out research on gender mainstreaming measures in (youth) organisations.

To be eligible for the position of Policy Officer you need

  • Availability in the upcoming year (at least 5 hours a week)
  • Knowledge and expertise on the topic of gender equality
  • To be responsible and reliable
  • To be motivated and enthusiastic
  • To be able to work both in a team and individually
  • Research and analysis skills
  • Have good writing skills to be able to develop a position paper (guidelines for writing a position paper can be found here, for writing a policy paper can be found here and previous positions papers of AEGEE can be found here)

As Policy Officer of Gender Equality, you will present your Policy Paper for ratification at Autumn Agora 2019.

If you are interested, apply through this form.

For the two co-moderators:

If you think that gender equality is an issue inside and outside AEGEE, that women and non-binary people need more respect and visibility, and you are excited about working in a team with these aims, you have just found the right place for you!

The Gender Equality Interest Group is looking for 2 motivated people, who will:

  • Help the Moderator to manage the Facebook page, as well as start and moderate discussion in it.
  • Collaborate with the other moderators in order to create materials such as workshop, sessions and any kind of relevant activities to be distributed to the network, as part of the work of raising awareness about the concepts of gender, gender equality, sexual harassment etc.
  • Starting collaboration with Working Groups and Interest Groups, as well as other European bodies of AEGEE.

In order to apply, fill in this form.

Deadline for both positions is the 8th of November

We are looking forward to receiving your applications. In case you have questions, feel free to contact Viola at for the position of Policy Officer and for the position of co-moderators.

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