Open Call for Secretary Assistants Spring Agora Enschede

#Deadline: 14th April

#How to apply: send motivation letter to

Dare to experience something new! APPLY for 1 one of the 6 open positions for SECRETARY ASSISTANT and enjoy a different kind of experience!

A kind of experience where you can contribute significantly to the organising of the Agora and be acknowledged for that! YOU just need the courage to apply and be part of an amazing Agora in Enschede!!

As you know, taking minutes during the discussions of the Agora is very important as we need to be able to recall what has been said and decided during the Agora. If you would like to be a Secretary Assistant, we encourage you to apply! You will not have to take minutes during all of the Prytania, you can choose to take minutes during just one (or more if you want). The time necessary for this task will not be over two or three hours during the Agora and in return you will gain useful experience on how the Agorae and the European level of AEGEE work!

The Secretary Assistants have to:
– have a good level of English
– be ready to take minutes on their own during the Prytania
– at times assist the Secretary with taking minutes during the Plenaries

How to apply?
Write a short motivation letter to:

In this motivation letter you should:
– Tell us a bit about yourself, your AEGEE experience and relevant non-AEGEE experience
– Mention what your experience in taking minutes is (experience is an asset, but not necessary)
– Indicate how much time you could commit to being a Secretary Assistant before, during and after the Agora
– Mention if you have been to an Agora before, how many, and if you were visitor/envoy/delegate
– Mention if you are a visitor/envoy/delegate during this Agora. Being a delegate and a Secretary Assistant at the same time is not recommended, since you can not vote during the Prytania in which you are taking minutes.

You can apply until the 30th of March at 23:59 (CET) ?
Just remember that when everything else fails, MINUTES SPEAK!

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