Open Call Hosting Local Spring Agora 2019

Dear Network,

We would like to announce that AEGEE-Europe is looking for a local ready and willing to organise the Spring Agora 2019.

The Agora is one of AEGEE’s statutory events, gathering representatives of the whole Network in order to decide on the future of the organisation, to make decisions regarding the structure and the functioning of our Network. The Agora should gather members who are willing to take part in shaping the organisation and helping the Network to adapt to the always changing environment.

As the Agora content will be provided by AEGEE-Europe, the organising local is responsible for providing the logistics, such as rooms, lodging, meals and the social program.

The organising antenna is explicitly responsible for the following points:

To provide an adequate lodging for all participants (about 600 – 800 for the Agora);
To provide three meals a day (at least one warm meal) for all the participants;
To organise the necessary logistics (lecture halls, rooms for workshops and technical equipment);
To provide free, stable and reliable internet connection during the whole event for the CD, Chair Team, delegates and optionally visitors;
To take care of the social program;
To take care of the necessary fundraising (in money and in kind);
To take care of informing the participants and registering them;
To keep in contact, at least once every two weeks, with the Chair Team and the Comité Directeur;
To organise logistics of the AEGEE Fair and Study & Career Fair (for the Agora);
To develop all the promotional materials in accordance with Visual Identity;
To be able to ensure enough devices for online voting (for the Agora).

For a more detailed insight into the responsibilities of the organising antenna, please read carefully the Agora contract template (in order to download it, you have to be logged in with your intranet account).

You can submit your application through the form found here.

Moreover, you must attach to your application the provisional budget template.

Please submit your applications until April 5th 2018, 23:59 CET. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

If you have any questions beforehand, feel free to contact us at

Europeanly yours,

Comité Directeur 55,

Fabrizio, Julia, Ksenia, Loes, Marco, María and Teresa


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