Our live meeting – Brussels, 7-9th March

10014754_688060811256494_1851502540_oAlthough almost one month passed since the EBM Lublin has been organised (there were many of us participating in), the Eastern Partnership Project’s members met up once again last weekend in Brussels in order to finish up the new project’s concept shaping processes. The Eastern Partnership Project was officially summarised at the Autumn AGORA Zaragoza, but it does not mean that the team desists its activity. The project has already begun its work on the challenges that the second edition brings along. This is a short report written by Roland Papp/ Content Manager, and Adrian Browarczyk / Project Manager. 


The Eastern Partnership (EaP) is an initiative of the European Union governing their relationship with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, intended to provide a venue for discussions on important issues between the EU and its eastern neighbours.  In our project’s case it is crucial to be acquainted with the EU’s neighbourhood policy and its Eastern dimension. Fortunately, thanks to Marta Wnuk, Content Manager,  we were able to develop our knowledge on the EU policy and the program itself. Just after Marta’s session we had a possibility to meet EaP oldies – people we owe the project’s being. It was very interesting to hear stories and to get familiar with valuable experiences Alla Resheten, Armenak Minasyants and Daryna Skryl brought with them. As Armenak couldn’t join us in Brussels, we contacted him via Skype – he called us from sunny Yerevan!

Nontheless, we spent most of our time on shaping the project’s profile. We brainstormed a lot on aims and objectives we would love to work with. According to our conclusions, the Eastern Partnership Project will be aiming at:

1. Promoting the idea of active citizenship and youth participation in the Eastern Partnership program region via advocating for the recognition of the role that youth participation has in shaping a democratic society; and via empowering youth by providing them with knowledge and tools regarding citizens’ rights and duties. 

2. Building mutual understanding and trust between people from the Eastern Partnership countries and the rest of Europe via strengthening partnerships and sharing practices with youth organizations from EaP and EU areas; via promoting the respect of human rights as crucial focus area in the consensus-building processes; and via informing and creating an opportunity for discussion.

Apart from the concept discussion, we spent plenty of time on developing the task division with a special accent put at describing different roles our teammates will play. Regarding the nouveautés, we introduced two positions in the team structure – the impact our project has will be measured earnestly by the IM Manager while the Research team crew will be helping you with understanding the ongoing issues and providing analysis on requested topics. You do not need to worry, our actions won’t be only about politics!

Even if we came to Brussels with the idea of working hard, we met up mainly due to the team building issues. During the day time we had to be focused on serious matters, but at nights we had fun in order to get to know each other better. In AEGEE everyone knows that writing e-mails, applying for grants, preparing documents – it happens most of the time from behind the computer screen. After this amazing three days we won’t be complaining that our work is only based on exchanging messages with anonymous people – they are real, super motivated and very enthusiastic with the idea of changing the world.

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