Being SUCT: Revealing all secrets!


 There is plenty of time before upcoming Spring Agora Cagliari 2014 and a lot of people who willing to apply and have a lot of questions about how to be SUCT member. We decided to telll all the secrets and hopefully it will be sign for many of ambitious members to apply for the next board! 

Russo, 26, AEGEE-Padova, Project Manager.

What are your responsibilities in the team and how much time does it take?

unnamed (1)

I’m the coordinator of the work of all SUCT. It means setting objectives for the year, deadlines and checking that everything is done according to them, properly and on time. If there are problems inside or outside the team I should cooperate with the team and fix them.

It’s a constant work: I should be always reachable and ready give suggestions and answers...

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Why evaluation is important?


Although it’s the first day of autumn, there are some Summer Universities that still continue! The last one, organized by AEGEE-Leon, «On the Way of St. James vol.4: Looking to the south», AEGEE-Istanbul and AEGEE-Izmir «TURCOPERATION: SUltans on the Way» and the very last one by AEGEE-Tekirdag, «Survivor in Thrace» that will end on 8th of September. But there is something that better not to put off till tomorrow, or the last day of the deadline – evaluation of Summer University by participants.


This is how organizers ask participants to evaluate Summer University. 

Summer University Coordination Team would like to explain why it is so important for us, for organizers and for participants as well!

So, talking about us, SUCT, it’s quite easy – our main task is to check and help...

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Data Privacy within AEGEE Explained

During Agora Rhein-Neckar the Agora requested the Comité Directeur to investigate the data privacy of our members within AEGEE through a motion. Because the Mediation Commission is the Data Privacy Ombudsman as is defined in the Corpus Iuridicum, the Comtié Directeur cooperated with the Mediation Commission to investigate the situation, look at the current pitfalls, and propose changes to further improve the Data Privacy within AEGEE. Here will try to explain what Data Privacy is, why it is important for you and all other members, after which the basic idea behind the policy is explained, then the legal structure and finally an overview and some examples of who can view your personal data.

This document is not the actual proposal but just servers as background information.

Data Privacy,...

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Data Privacy Policy Statement

Agora  Patra,  May  2014

I -­ General Provisions

Article 1: Object and Purpose

The purpose of this statement is to secure right to privacy of AEGEE members, with regard to:

a)     the gathering and automatic processing of personal data relating to them;

b)    information and all relevant data about the Association, its work and its members.

Article 2: Definitions

(1) For the purposes of this statement the following expressions shall have the meaning hereunder assign to them:

a)     “anonymous statistical data” is information collected on a categorical basis (by survey from data subjects, or from AEGEE data bases) in terms of the design of survey in such a way that the further reconstruction of the information about the data subject is not possible;

b)    “automat...

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Perfect participant: how to become one?

So, you are participant this time. First time or not, but these advice are useful for everyone!

Remember that all organizers are volunteers

Despite the fact that participants are paying the fee in order to attend Summer University, there is no such thing as salary for organizers. All money is paid to cover the costs of lodging, transport, food, entrances to museums and clubs and other things.  The only thing they will receive in return is experience which is priceless and your personal evaluation.

7CW2mdCBe the part of the group and socialize

When it is your first Summer University you might be surprised by the fact that participants spend almost all the time with the group...

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Perfect organizer: mother, brother, best friend and psycologist


There is a moment when you organize your first, second, third summer university and feel that you became so close with your participants as they are your own kids. You sacrifice your time, your nerves, even your personal life sometimes to make everything perfect and satisfy them. And at the same time you are ready to kill them all when they are asking you obvious questions.

We are all perfectionists and most of us are ready to die but organize the best Summer University ever so coffee and energizers become your best friends few days before and during the project. But you have to remember that physically you cannot control everything and stay awake 24 hours  7 days a week. Your health is more important than anything else. It’s possible to have a rest during SU...

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When compulsory means interesting


“Crazy experience”, “friends”, “best summer of my life”, “sun and beaches” and many other words will be said by a new member who just joined AEGEE to go to Summer University if you ask him how was it. For sure, any Summer University is an amazing opportunity to explore new countries, culture, traditions, meet new friends and have fun. Summer University project is the most popular and the oldest one in AEGEE and there are no doubts that once you go to SU your life might be changed. However, when summer is over and participants recover from post-SU syndrome, sometimes not many fresh members can say what’s AEGEE and what does it strive for.

So, how can we help new members to become active? Or at least how can we help them to understand the mechanism of our actions while achieving our goals? I...

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AGORA Patra – we were there!


Spring AGORA Patra 2014 marked a very important milestone on the Eastern Partnership Project’s timeline. By signing contract with AEGEE-Europe the project was officially launched. Remarkably, it’s the second time that EaP embarks on a mission of bridging Europe in AEGEE, as it is continuation of the accomplished first phase of the initative.

In order to introduce the project to the Network EaP team took an opportunity to hold a progress meeting. At the beginning, participants were presented with a short explanation of the Eastern Partnership Programme, which is a part of the European Union foreign policy towards its Eastern neighbours and by its existence gives a framework for having such similar initative in AEGEE...

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EurStory Training Course

Dear AEEGEEans!
Do you know what will happen in Warsaw from the 22th to the 26th of May? YOU SITLL DON’T KNOW? Well, old sport, let me tell you, if you are interested in history, in education, in the teaching of history to the youngest, continue reading.
Are there any national identity issues in your country? Do you believe in the multiperspectivity in History? Are you able to apply a critical thinking when it comes to talking about the history of your own country? Would you like to see how the reconstruction and the learning from our past affects our present? Do you want to know even more about the history of Europe? You feel capable to help us encourage young Europeans in high-schools to understand different perspectives of History? What about a taste of Poli...
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OPEN CALL – Y Vote on the Road! Bus tours : Spain

Y Vote logo jpeg

DEADLINE 15  April!

You believe in the European Union?
You believe that your vote can change something?
You love talking to people and convincing them?
You would love to take part in one of the biggest projects of AEGEE-Europe?

A bus tour is waiting for your!

50% of the travel cost will be reimburse from Madrid, London, Paris, Athens or Rome.



From 6th to 20th of May 24 young people will travel around Spain to raise awareness about the upcoming European Parliamentary elections. Y Vote 2014 Project offers you an opportunity to be a participant of this event!


For applicants living in Spain :

For applicants from other countries:

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