Financial Reports 2013.‏

Dear treasurers of the locals, 
Audit Commission would like to announce that the deadline for Financial Reports is 10.02.2014, 23.59 BXL time.

You can submit you Simple Financial Reports here. If you have extended form please use this form.

Here you can find all instructions :)  
Here also you can find a sample form for practise before submitting.
If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask
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It’s all about the money $$$

Audit Commission checks the Financial Reports of all locals and Working Groups, help locals in managing their finances  and audits the bookkeeping of the Financial Director.

Members of the AC:

David García Rodríguez started his first steps in AEGEE  at local level, in AEGEE – León. With high motivation he joined the board as FR, increasing the financial resources it his Local. After some experience in the European Level, he decided to candidate to the Audit Commission, been elected as President in AGORA Zaragoza, for the term of 2013-2014 – Zaragoza – Cagliari.


 His motivation to candidate was he could use his economical and financial knowledge needed for been part of this team.

Also he was also very encourage by the previous Audit Commission, in which he took part as Job Shadow...

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PRC Workshop at EBM Lublin: Branding nationalism – the American way!

Have you ever wondered why the Americans are so attached to their national symbols?

Do you think they are succeeding in branding themselves as “the greatest nation on Earth”?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about their unique mindset towards patriotism?

Join our workshop at EBM Lublin and learn more about the American stereotype, American exceptionalist thinking, a new angle towards natinalism and last but not least, how Europe could benefit from understanding the Americans!


In times, when the ‘United States of Europe’ is becoming a frequently mentioned catchphrase referring to the future of European integration, one cannot help wondering what makes the American nation so attractive to many? How do they succeed so well in branding their nation and what is the historical background b...

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Introducing the new system of planning and organising AEGEE events

QAC prezi

You have already heard there are going to be some changes regarding event organising in AEGEE. And you might have also heard one of the committees was reformed and will help the locals in planning an event, provide them with certain guidelines for a quality event, aid the cooperation between locals and the european level bodies of AEGEE – all this to enhance the real potential of our diverse Network organising so many different types of events, but with one main goal: spreading AEGEE spirit!

Watch our PREZI and learn more about our work!

Introducing the Quality Assurance Committee, please take a look at our introductory presentation and read the Quality Events Manual with our tips and guidelines to make sure you plan everything for your event and so it will become as successful as you wa...

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Quality Events Manual – How to organise your event?


The Quality Assurance Committee is proud to present the Quality Events Manual,
which contains all the necessary information for you and your locals about event organising
and hosting a successful event!

The Manual aims to guide you through the stages of organising an event, from the planning phase,
through developping the thematics to how to maintain cooperation and efficient communication among
organisers, participants, trainers etc.

Among other things, you can also take a look at the Quality Indicators – 10 steps for organising a quality event! –
which is providing you with all the necessary information and a step-by-step explanation of organising your event.

You can download the Quality Events Manual through the link.

Enjoy reading and looking forward to receiving your event applica...

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Accepting people with disabilities: Let’s give everyone something to choose from!


As we already announced this year disabled people will be able to select among all the SUs as everyone agreeing on the fact that it will be up to organizers to decide to accept them or no. Oganizers will receive their application and the letter from SUCT suggesting to think of acceptance of this participant. The important thing is that even after considering all the pros and cons organizers have a right not to accept this participant.

But before thinking of pros and cons, let’s first make a small investigation and read what is a Disability?

According to the World Health Organisation, a disability is… “any restriction or lack (resulting from any impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being”...

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Our representatives at Young Leaders Forum, Brussels 2-4th December

EaP Young Leaders Forum

In the first week of December, the European Parliament organised an event called Young Leaders Forum, which gathered 24 young participants from EU and neighboring countries to discuss, debate, and start further developing initiatives.

The majority of participants came from the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, 3 from each six (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia).  There were young politicians, young leaders from NGOs, young scholars etc, hence the group was very diverse. However, we had a strong AEGEE lobby as 4 current and 1 ex-AEGEE member were there as a participants.  Most of the sessions took place in the building of the European Parliament, and we had many guests such as experts, representatives of trade unions, and Members of European Parliament (MEP)...

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“Western housewifes & Eastern leaders”, our workshop at Autumn AGORA Zaragoza 2013

 "Western housewifes & Eastern leaders"During the Autumn AGORA Zaragoza 2013 the Eastern Partnership Project organised a workshop „Western Housewives & Eastern Leaders”. The plan was to discuss the woman role in different European societies. On our heterogeneous continent gender equality means different things.  We wanted to show this diversity and  break the stereotypes that still function.

In the first part of the workshop we explained the Eastern Partnership Project and the EU’s policy towards its Eastern neighbours.  Then we had a more interactive part when 35 participants had the chance to take part in vivid discussion. Prior to Agora we made a survey about the female roles, which was translated into 8 different languages and posted to several websites...

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When two heads are better than one


The wonderful time of brainstorming, creating the route and imagining the perfect Summer University has started officially. Main coordinators, Incoming Responsible and Treasurers of every local that would like to organize any type of SU have to be chosen to submit the information about the dates, program, learning objectives and many other things until the 12 of January. To make the team’s life a bit easier Working Groups and Project Teams are here to help you with the ideas of the theme and all the following information. And SUCT is here to explain what benefits you will have.

  1. More focus on the theme

One of the strongest reasons for the collaboration is the help from any WG/PT with focusion on the theme. Let’s see what themes do we have this year and how different WG/PT can help you:

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Organize local YVote 2014 event

Do you know that the European Parliament elections are approaching? Do you want to be a part of the project  informing about the EU and encouraging other young people to participate in the elections?

 Do you want to be a part of one of AEGEE’s biggest projects of this year?

 A challenging year is ahead of us, and you can impact and build an informed society in your city!

 If you want to be a part ot the Y Vote 2014 and organise a local activity in your town, please make sure you follow the instructions below! (It is important for us to measure the impact of the whole project and to promote yours)

  1. Contact your Y Vote Ambassador and keep in touch with them (the list is below);
  2. Fill in the survey here;
  3. Organise the most informative and encouraging local activities;
  4. Fill in the “aft...
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