Eastern Partnership future scenario. Ukrainian case.

Marta Wnuk, EaP workshop during NWM Poznan 2013

To learn, to share, to network – this are objectives of Network Meetings that take place in every area of AEGEE twice a year. During Autumn Network Meeting held in Poznań Eastern Partnership Project took opportunity to raise awareness of the participating youth about recent developments in Ukraine triggered by shelving the decision about signing the Association Agreement with the European Union. Sudden move of Ukrainian authorities to not to go further European path in the country’s foreign policy called for action and raised the need to present the worrying case to broader public.  So that the idea of workshop came to life. On Friday, Nov 29th over 30 young people from 15 different European cities came to get to know and discuss difficult Ukrainian reality.

The first part of the w...

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Collaboration LWG – SU

One of LWG aims is trying to collaborate with Summer Universities.

These are the 2 main fields of action where you could be IN PERSON involved:

1) As teachers of one or more languages.

2) Providing workshops about linguistics, different languages in Europe, different ways of communication, etc.

You are going to devote some hours to tuition/workshops, but of course, the rest of the time you will enjoy the SU as participant :)

If you are interested in one of this two possibilities, please, fill this form (http://goo.gl/seosdQ) with only 2 questions before 11th December, 23:59.

Afterwards, we will see how many host organisers choose languages as a topic for their SUs :)

Multilingually yours,
Adri – HR of LWG

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CWG&EnWG present design competition “Recycled art Christmas tree”!


CWG&EnWG present design competition “Recycled art Christmas tree”! All locals can participate. CREATE Christmas tree from recycling materials. You can use office material, bottles, cans, plastic bags, newspapers, … are traditional recycled sources of decoration. But you may dare to innovate and surprise all the network!

Make it as activity in NYE or your local meetings. Be the most sustainable local of this holidays!

Send photos to enwg.aegee@gmail.com. Deadline is 10.01.2014 You will get your present in EBM Lublin 2014.

Feel free contact us for any questions  enwg.aegee@gmail.com
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OPEN CALL – Eastern Partnership Project 2 is looking for you a bit longer!

We’d like to remind that Eastern Partnership Project 2 is still looking for you!

The application deadline has been extended to your very advantage and now you’re able to do so up till December 6th, 23:59 CET!

Eastern Partnership Project 2

EaP2 values are based on belief that this initiative is an important element of AEGEE’s mission of bridging EuropeIn order to make link between the Eastern and the Western part of our continent we decided to act with the objectives crucial to the development of civil society in the Eastern Europe.

Therefore, EaP2 aims 
to promote the idea of active citizenship and raise awareness of its importance:


1. by shaping political culture based on amicable cooperation with European youth

2. by increasing youth participation in non-governmental sector

3. by empowering the yo...

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DESIGN COMPETITION for the most susutainable t-shirt for EnWG

EnWG would like to present you competition “The most SUSTAINABLE EnWG T-Shirt”.
Be creative and innovate! Send your best design of t-shirt before 08.12.13 to enwg.aegee@gmail.com.
If you don’t know how to use graphic programms,dont worry,send as your drawings! After competition,voting time,and then we announce the winner! The winner will get free t-shirt on EBM Lublin 2014.

Contact us for any questions by enwg.aegee@gmail.com
t-shirt comp2
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SUCT 2013-2014 Internal Meeting: Work hard, play hard

There is a very good proverb almost in every language which in English sounds like «repair your cart in December; in July your sledge remember» meaning if you want to get the result in the nearest future you have to start working on it now. The best result and a lot of improvements are the aims of new Summer University Coordination Team elected on amazing autumn Agora Zaragoza 2013. Having not that much time to rest after statutory event we went to the internal meeting in the CD House, to Brussels, Belgium.

Fantastic four – Francesca Russo, Project Manager (president of AEGEE-Padova), Gerardo Garcia Diaz, Publication Responsible (PR Responsible of AEGEE-Oviedo), me, Anna Pykhtina, PR-Responsible (PR Responsible of AEGEE-Kyiv) and Andrea Nostro, IT-Responsible (president of AEGEE-R...

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Welcome to the Quality Assurance Committee!

The Quality Assurance Committee of AEGEE-Europe aims to support locals and organisers to ensure a better quality of events taking place in the AEGEE Network. Providing guidelines, quality indicators, assessment and evaluation forms, the Quality Assurance Committee’s main field of tasks consists of:

  • Help the locals with event planning, cooperation with European level bodies and promotion of events
  • Increase the quality of events regarding content and logistics
  • Have a better overview of AEGEE events for an easier impact measurement process
  • Improve educational events to aid the recognition of Non-Formal Educational methods

You can find out more about our objectives and functioning in our Introductory Prezi.

Contact us at: quality.events@aegee.org and start filling in your local’s event cale...

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Welcome to the Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee (PRC) is a body of AEGEE-Europe responsible for supporting the network in the field of Public Relations and communications. It was installed in October 2010, by the Agora Istanbul.

Its mission is to increase the visibility and impact of the actions carried out within the AEGEE network.

The members of the PRC are creative and enthousiastic individuals interested in media, journalism, design and related fields.
You can browse through the website to learn more about us. If you have any questions about the PRC, do not hesitate to contact us!

Structure of the PRC

The Public Relations Committee of AEGEE-Europe is coordinated by the Speaker Team which consists of

  • Speaker,
  • Vice-Speaker responsible for Human Resources and
  • an appointed member from the 
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Open call to join the Election Observation Project of IPWG in AEGEE

Are you interested in Election Observation Missions? The International Politics Working Group is looking for you!

As you might know, a new IPWG board has been elected and this is the first project of a series we want to establish. Thomas Leszke and Alin-Florin Calin, our Speaker, gathered at the Agora Zaragoza a group of around twenty AEGEE members who are interested in election observation and since this is an IPWG project, we are looking for some more IPWG members, who are interested in joining us.

We wish to establish an effective election observation mechanism in AEGEE. In a long term we want to give AEGEE members the possibility to take part in official election observation missions...

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Welcome to the CWG!

To access our website to learn more about CWG and our projects click here

We are present on Facebook where we share news about our collaborations and projects. Click here and become a fan!

You can also contact us directly at:  cwg@aegee.org

The board for 2013-2014 is comprised of dedicated members from:

AEGEE-Moskva, AEGEE-Kyїv, AEGEE-Athina, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca.



dasha_1Dasha (AEGEE-Moskva)
CWG Spearker










Hanna (Aegee-Kyїv)

CWG Secretary










danae_1Danae (AEGEE-Athina)

CWG HR Responsible 










Sabina (AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca)

CWG PR Responsible 









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