Pictures, pictures everywhere!

Dear AEGEEans,

pictures, pictures everywhere!

This is a twofold open call – for pictures for AEGEE photobase/pictures library and for Social Media action that will put your picture in the next Key to Europe! Keep on reading to learn about both options.


  1. Photobase

Many of us struggle to find good quality pictures for our PR materials but that will soon come to an end because we are creating a new super cool AEGEE Photobase/ pictures library.

But we need you to contribute!

If you have any cool pictures that are AEGEE related, good quality and big size (not from facebook!) please share them here.

After collecting the inputs from the network and going through AEGEE archives, we will order, select and publish a photobase that will be for all of us to be used.

So if you have any epic pictures like this or this one. Or just a classic group pictures, nice faces smiling, workshops scenarios etc. please share here!

Note that you or yours local has to have the copyrights to the pictures you are sharing with us.

Deadline: 16.07.2017

2.  Social Media Action

In the next Key to Europe, there will be a collection of pictures that best capture passing academic year for AEGEE. Please share your pictures in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with hashtags #K2E #AEGEE and write a capture – what does the passing AEGEE year mean for you and maybe your picture will end up in the publication!

Deadline: 12.07.2017

Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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