PRC Workshop at EBM Lublin: Branding nationalism – the American way!

Have you ever wondered why the Americans are so attached to their national symbols?

Do you think they are succeeding in branding themselves as “the greatest nation on Earth”?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about their unique mindset towards patriotism?

Join our workshop at EBM Lublin and learn more about the American stereotype, American exceptionalist thinking, a new angle towards natinalism and last but not least, how Europe could benefit from understanding the Americans!



In times, when the ‘United States of Europe’ is becoming a frequently mentioned catchphrase referring to the future of European integration, one cannot help wondering what makes the American nation so attractive to many? How do they succeed so well in branding their nation and what is the historical background behind their spectacular patriotism? Join the workshop and get to know more about the USA and a different perspective on nationalism from the other side of the Atlantic and discover some lessons Europe could learn from the American exceptionalism and their firm belief in their country being “the greatest nation on Earth!”

The room and time of the workshop is going to be announced during the EBM, like us on Facebook and follow the news!

See you there, in Stars and Stripes :)