DIVE / Diversity and Inclusion in European Volunteering

Do you think youth organisations include and represent all young people?

Do you think all young people have a chance to participate in youth organisations?


The biggest youth organisations in Europe representing hundreds of thousands of young people, AEGEE-Europe, ESN International and JEF-Europe, realised that they need to be even more open and inclusive in order to provide proper representation for the youth of Europe.

DIVE – Diversity in European Engagement

Together with volunteers form Belgium, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria and France, the DIVEproject was born. *Diversity and social inclusion in European youth organisations* is a two-year project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Between 2017-2019, the three networks will be working on:

  • Developing organisational tools to be accessible to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Learning to break down barriers and obstacles young people face when it comes to participation
  • Gaining more understanding on the topic of social inclusion

We want you!

3 trainings in Sofia – Athens – Sweden 
The DIVE trainings will gather participants who want to learn more about the topic of social inclusion in youth organisations, and want to take part in creating mechanisms that can involve more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in volunteering and the activities of their own organisations. You can take part in fully-funded training courses to help your local with the development of inclusive methods.


The DIVE project is for you if…

…you think you are privileged to be able to volunteer in your freetime – because you don’t have to work two jobs to support your family.

…you think that we should give more chances to young people coming from disadvantaged background – because not having enough money to travel or not attending the university should not make them feel less!

…you think that European youth policy and youth organisations should pay more attention to involving young people from minorities, from religious groups, from rural areas, and less economic means to travel and explore Europe.

European youth organisations like JEF, AEGEE and ESN are already trying: but we need *your cooperation* to make it work!

You can reach us at: dive@aegee.org