Eastern Partnership Project

AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project 2016 – 2018 is an undertaking created out of commitment of young Europeans who understand the importance of youth initiative. We recognise the necessity to provide young leaders, activists and entrepreneurs with opportunities to experience the advantages of work in an international environment; to encounter cultural diversity and to establish a relationship of friendship and mutual respect among themselves.

We believe in order to have an effective and prosperous Europe it is essential to have increasing levels of cooperation between the countries that reside in the continent. This project is specifically aimed at the cooperation and development between the European Union and the countries that take part in the Eastern Partnership. These countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. We believe that involving these countries is essential to a peaceful and prosperous Europe. The people that are part of this project all share a passion and willingness to invest time and effort on voluntary basis in order to create activities and content that will help us reach our goal.


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