About Eastern Partnership Project

Basic information


Established: 2011 (the first phase), 2014 (the second phase)


Main aims:

I. To promote the idea of active citizenship and youth participation in the Eastern Partnership program region.

1. to advocate to stakeholders and governments for the recognition of the role that youth participation has in shaping a democratic society.

2. to empower youth by providing it with knowledge and tools regarding citizens’ rights and duties.


II. To build mutual understanding and trust between people from the Eastern Partnership countries and the rest  of Europe.

1. to strengthen partnerships and to share practices with youth organizations from the Eastern Partnership and other European countries.

2. to promote the respect of human rights as crucial focus area in the consensus-building processes.

3. to inform and to create an opportunity for discussion.



The AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project is the continuation of the successful first phase of the project of that name. The new team of highly skilled and motivated people started work on the second term of in the autumn 2013. The project became officially lauched at the Spring Agora Patra 2014.

Working in the same direction as the European Union (within the framework of its Eastern Partnership programme) gives  a possibility to coordinate the project’s activities with a broader, political perspective. Via cooperation with our Network, governments and non-governmental organisations we believe we can influence the increase of youth power in target societies and bring positive changes in establishing a strong civil society sector.

The project’s values are based on belief that this initiative is a core element of AEGEE’s mission of bridging Europe. In order to make links between the Eastern and the Western part of our continent we decided to act with the objectives crucial to the development of civil society in Eastern European and South Caucasus.