About EurStory

What is EurStory about

How can we feel like we are all part of one big integrated Europe with all the internal meaning it stand for like tolerance, acceptance, and open-mindedness, when every nation has it’s own nationalistic impact on how history is taught or rather presented in each country? History is and always has been a subjective field. If we are only familiar with the point of view our nation puts emphasis on, we can easily become prejudiced, and will always attach pejorative feelings towards certain nations. This project wants to show that there are two, or even more sides to one story. We are trying to relearn the history of Europe together, and break down the invisible barriers that have been formed between nations throughout time!


Our aim is to foster mutual understanding in Europe by revealing the multiple sides of the European common History. In order to reach this we focus on:

  • Analysing relevant and specific historical facts from different points of view, using the High School textbooks as material.
  • Developing critical thinking in High School students about the dangers of one-sided stories.
  • Improving the situation of History education in Europe to increase solidarity and tolerance between the countries.