Getting Involved in Health4Youth

The Health4Youth project is unique among the projects, since people can join their extended team. The core team is updated whenever a spot is vacant, and they will ask their extended team whether they want to fill up the position.
The extended team is also called the Health4Youth pool (of health experts). The project requires people to actively contribute when they are in this pool. Anyone with an interest in healthy lifestyle can join, a background concerning healthy lifestyle is not required. People are expected to work for the Health4Youth project, for example by hosting events, writing articles or position papers or to contribute to the online discussion on the website. You can subscribe to the pool by sending an e-mail to with your motivation to join and we will then consider your application.

Related fields of study:

  • Non-formal education
  • Medicine, nutrition, public health, physiotherapy, psychology

Working methods:

Emails, Skype meetings, Podio, sharing data system Google Drive

Amount of work required:

For the members of the Health4Youth Project Core Team, at least ten hours per week is required.
For members in the extended team, you have the freedom to contribute as much as you want.