Getting Involved in Summer University Project

The ideal member of the Summer University Coordination Team is an experienced AEGEE member, who has been the Summer University Coordinator of his/her local or is an experienced SU organiser, willing to offer his/her best for the continuity and the development of this project, a person who loves cultural exchange and is willing to devote his/her time to this team.

New members can contribute to the work of the SUCT in IT or design, which can then lead them to apply for a position in the team, at the Autumn Agora.

Requirements to get involved depend on the different positions.

  • Project Manager – board member of a local/SU Coordinator or very experienced in organising an SU
  • IT Responsible: studies related to IT, SU organiser
  • Publications Responsible: studies related to design, SU organiser
  • PR: SU organiser, fluency in English

Related fields of study:

  • IT
  • Design
  • PR

Working methods:

E-mails, Skype meetings, sharing data systems (Google docs, Dropbox, etc), live meetings (1 at the beginning of the term and then others at the statutory events).

Amount of work required:

The amount of daily work depends mostly on the months of the year:

  • October – early February: a big amount of work especially for the IT and the Publications Responsibles
  • February – April: a big amount of work, especially for the IT Responsible
  • April – June: still a big amount of work, but less than in the previous months
  • June – early September: normal amount of work
  • September – October: normal amount of work

The work is done by all the Summer University Coordination Team members, but each one has his/her specific tasks. The SUCT members are committed to their work for one year, during which they have to face several challenges and fulfill different types of tasks.