Getting Involved in Y Vote 2014

How to get involved?

Y Vote 2014 is a very interesting, challenging and important project and everyone interested in it can find a way of becoming a part of the project.

First of all, you can organise a local Y Vote activity in your town. We provide you with Locals’Toolkit which you may find helpful source of information and inspiration, however your own ideas are welcomed as well. To learn more go to the section Organise local Y Vote activities.

Secondly, you can become a trainer and take part in local activities or conventions organised by other antennae. If you think that is your way to become a part of this project, please contact your Y Vote Ambassador (there is a list under the section Organise your local Y Vote activities).

What is more – you can participate in Y Vote Youth Conventions. For this, please follow Open Calls for participants on AEGEE mailing lists, Y Vote Facebook page, as well as Twitter.

Maybe you participated in one of our events and want to write an article about it? If so, contact our Communications Manager Diana Ondža ( ).

Getting involved