Organise local Y Vote activities

Do you know that the European Parliament elections are approaching? Do you want to be a part of the project  informing about the EU and encouraging other young people to participate in the elections?

 Do you want to be a part of one of AEGEE’s biggest projects of this year?

 A challenging year is ahead of us, and you can impact and build an informed society in your city!

 If you want to be a part ot the Y Vote 2014 and organise a local activity in your town, please make sure you follow the instructions below! (It is important for us to measure the impact of the whole project and to promote yours)

  1. Contact your Y Vote Ambassador and keep in touch with them (the list is below);
  2. Fill in the survey here;
  3. Organise the most informative and encouraging local activities;
  4. Fill in the “after” survey here (right after the event!).

Here you can download guidelines for making the most interesting workshop on any EU related topic.

Additionally, we provide you with the following presentations and presentation notes:

You want to become a part of the project but have no ideas yet what you could do? Then have a look of the Y Vote Locals’ Toolkit which includes a number of wonderful and inspiring ideas for you to implement, and contact your Ambassador for an advise, assistance and support!

Here is the list of the Ambassadors:

  • Cosmina Bisboaca ( is responsible for AEGEE-Zadar, AEGEE-Zagreb, AEGEE-Ljubljana, AEGEE-Maribor, AEGEE-Nova Gorica-Gorizia, AEGEE-Bergamo, AEGEE-Brescia, AEGEE-Ferrara, AEGEE-Genova, AEGEE-Milano, AEGEE-Padova, AEGEE-Torino, AEGEE-Treviso, AEGEE-Udine, AEGEE-Venezia, Bologna, Foggia, Verona.
  • Celeste Concari  ( is responsible for AEGEE-Mağusa, AEGEE-Nicosia, AEGEE-Valletta, AEGEE-Agrigento, AEGEE-Bari, AEGEE-Cagliari, AEGEE-Catania, AEGEE-Cosenza, AEGEE-Firenze, AEGEE-Messina, AEGEE-Napoli, AEGEE-Palermo, AEGEE-Pisa, AEGEE-Reggio Calabria, AEGEE-Roma, AEGEE-Salerno, AEGEE-Siena.
  • Nikolaos Varveris ( is responsible for AEGEE-Sofia, AEGEE-Athina, AEGEE-Heraklio, AEGEE-Ioannina, AEGEE-Kastoria, AEGEE-Patra, AEGEE-Peiraias, AEGEE-Rodos, AEGEE-Thessaloníki, AEGEE-Bucureşti, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca, AEGEE-Iaşi, AEGEE-Ploiesti, AEGEE-Sibiu, AEGEE-Timişoara.
  • Hans-Peter Bretz ( is responsible for AEGEE-Białystok, AEGEE-Gdańsk, AEGEE-Gliwice, AEGEE-Katowice, AEGEE-Kraków, AEGEE-Lublin, AEGEE-Łódź, AEGEE-Opole, AEGEE-Poznań, AEGEE-Toruń, AEGEE-Warszawa, AEGEE-Wrocław, AEGEE-Zielona Góra, AEGEE-Berlin, AEGEE-Hamburg, AEGEE-Erfurt, AEGEE-Kiel, AEGEE-Leipzig.
  • Guillermo Maciá Díaz ( is responsible for AEGEE-Madeira, AEGEE-Porto, Covilhã, AEGEE-Alicante, AEGEE-Barcelona, AEGEE-Bilbao, AEGEE-Burgos, AEGEE-Castelló, AEGEE-Coruna, AEGEE-Granada, AEGEE-Lanzarote, AEGEE-Las Palmas, AEGEE-León, AEGEE-Madrid, AEGEE-Oviedo, AEGEE-Santander, AEGEE-Sevilla, AEGEE-Tarragona, AEGEE-Tenerife, AEGEE-Valencia, AEGEE-Valladolid, AEGEE-Zaragoza.
  • Sanne Hillemans (  is responsible for AEGEE-Brussel-Bruxelles, AEGEE-Leuven, AEGEE-København, AEGEE-Helsinki, AEGEE-Amsterdam, AEGEE-Delft, AEGEE-Den Haag, AEGEE-Eindhoven, AEGEE-Enschede, AEGEE-Groningen, AEGEE-Leiden, AEGEE-Maastricht, AEGEE-Nijmegen, AEGEE-Rotterdam, AEGEE-Tilburg, AEGEE-Utrecht, AEGEE-Durham, AEGEE-London, AEGEE-Sheffield.
  • Katherina Baumann ( is responsible for AEGEE-Bratislava, AEGEE-Wien, , AEGEE-Brno, AEGEE-Plzen, AEGEE-Praha, AEGEE-Lyon, AEGEE-Paris, AEGEE-Toulouse, Lille, Nantes, AEGEE-Aachen, AEGEE-Düsseldorf, AEGEE-Frankfurt am Main, AEGEE-Köln, AEGEE-Mainz-Wiesbaden, AEGEE-Osnabrück, AEGEE-Passau.
  • Dhruv Suresh Singhal ( is responsible for AEGEE-Tallinn, AEGEE-Tartu, AEGEE-Budapest, AEGEE-Debrecen, AEGEE-Pécs, AEGEE-Piliscsaba, AEGEE-Ogre, AEGEE-Riga, AEGEE-Kaunas, AEGEE-Bamberg, AEGEE-Darmstadt, AEGEE-Heidelberg, AEGEE-Karlsruhe, AEGEE-Mannheim, AEGEE-Stuttgart, AEGEE-Kaiserslautern, AEGEE-Konstanz, AEGEE-München.