Prof pics with names

Léa Charlet – Project Manager, AEGEE-Paris

I joined AEGEE one and a half year ago and I heard about Y Vote at the very beginning of my AEGEE life, so when I heard about the new edition, I asked to join immediately. I am currently living in France where Euroscepticism is a common opinion, and where the abstention rate is one of the highest in Europe, and even if we could reach just a small minority of Youth, climate will change.
I will be in charge, during this project, mainly to coordinate the general work of the project, to keep motivation high. My studies may lead me to Brussels next year, like this I will be able to have an active part in the external representation and in the communication with the Comité Directeur of AEGEE Europe.

Javier Mendoza Jiménez – Content Manager
Responsible for the Voting Guide, AEGEE-Tenerife

I am really looking forward to work in this project. Young people have to decide what the future should be before it is decided for us. I am a member of AEGEE Tenerife but I live in Riga (yes, the first questions is always – why?) and I want to became again active at European level of AEGEE. In the project, I’m in the core team and I will be mainly in charge of the Voting Guide that should be ready in December 2013. It is a challenge that I really like – to try to express all the complexity of the EP elections in a few pages but I know we will manage for sure.

Aleksandra Kluczka – Content Manager
Responsible for the Youth Agenda, AEGEE-Kraków

I have felt like a citizen of Europe since I remember myself and I want the European Union to develop further. The first moment I heard about the Y Vote Project, I knew I want to be a part of it. I believe that young people have heads full of ideas and their voice should be heard. That is why within the project I am the Content Manager responsible for creating the Youth Agenda, which will be a set of recommendations for the MEPs, addressing topics important for youth. My work will include preparing the content for Youth Conventions taking place across Europe and gathering the guidelines for the Youth Agenda.

Katarzyna Białożyt – Content Manager
Responsible for local activities, AEGEE-Poznań

Just after I found out about this project I knew I want to be a part of it. Y Vote has a great potential and we can really make a difference. The idea behind this project is not only to change the percentage of voters but is much bigger. I am responsible for local activities and in my point of view local level is the crucial one to reach youth all around Europe. Without good cooperation with motivated antennae, based on creative and innovative ideas for activities we are not able to make an actual impact and bring first time voters to poll boxes.

Diana Ondža – Communications Manager, AEGEE-Riga

Youth participation has for a long time been important component in the range of my interests. Being involved in the Y Vote 2014 Project is an opportunity to make a real contribution into this field by informing youth about the upcoming European elections, encouraging them to make an informed vote, and ensuring their continuous engagement in the processes that influence their everyday life. My aim is to persuade young people across the continent that their presence and participation in local, national and European level politics is essential to strengthen democracy in Europe.

Esperanza Rodríguez – Financial Manager, AEGEE-Las Palmas

I believe that the aim of this project perfectly reflects the aims of AEGEE in its deep sense, so I hope to contribute as much as I can from the distance (not only for financial management, but also for content/organization). I have heard about the project in 2009: it was a success in terms of impact, but a mess financially, so I am here with my whip to prevent this from happening again!

Alma Mozgovaja – Quality Assessment Manager, AEGEE-Riga

Democracy is complicated, but this is our right not just enjoy it, but also our duty to participate in it actively. First time voters can seem the easiest target group to engage however it is the most responsible and complicated task to do. That’s why I have joined this team where I will be working on measuring the impact of different activities and stages of the project and doing quality assessment.

Lucille Rieux – Capacity Building Manager
Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe

I strongly believe a project by young people for young people is one of the key tool to communicate on the upcoming EP elections 2014. Thus, I am very excited to be part of this project and to support the work of the team, in making sure that this project gets to the MEPs and other relevant stakeholders in Brussels, and also ensure a local impact by coordinating the Training for Multipliers.

Miguel Gallardo – EU Political Manager
Projects Director of AEGEE-Europe

The elections to the European Parliament will be a great challenge for the whole EU. I believe AEGEE has the potential to help society to understand the importance of participation in the European democracy, especially addressing young people in their language and focusing on their needs. It will be a great adventure where we will all learn and have a real impact if we work as a team!

Luis Alvarado Martínez – EU Political Manager
President of AEGEE-Europe

In times where the euroscepticism levels are higher than ever due to this financial, social and political crisis we are currently facing in the EU, it is the turn of the younger generation, the one which has never known what war is, who can study abroad, who can work abroad, and who have benefited from all the advantages of this European dream, to re-inspire, re-convince and re-launch the concept of the European Union. Its up to the young generation to take the spotlight, raise their voice and take a stand on the Europe they want to start living from May 2014 without forgetting the roots and dreams of Schumann and Monnet. Y Vote 2014 is the platform which will allow students all over Europe to be empowered to make informed choices for the Europe they want and use their right of vote at the European parliamentary Elections 2014.