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What is the project about?

Your Vision for EUrope is a project initiated by AEGEE-Europe to facilitate debate on European politics and make the voices of young people heard by European policy-makers and stakeholders. We believe that young people deserve to have a say about the future of Europe and decisions that affect them. By means of our activities we hope to promote nuanced and informed discussion on issues that matter to European youth. We also want to reach European decision-makers to make sure that young people`s `Vision for Europe` is shared with those that can make a difference.

A first thematic conference has taken place last May in Cluj-Napoca on the topic: “Borderless Europe: Blessing or Burden”. At the Spring Agora Bergamo, the project has been ratified as an official AEGEE-Europe project.



We want to realize the following aim:

Engage young Europeans from a wide variety of national, social and cultural backgrounds in an open, discursive process of collective learning, opinion and will-formation regarding the future of Europe and make sure that their voices are being heard.



Three objectives have been set to realize the aim:

Objective 1: Involve at least 1000 young Europeans representing at least 25 different countries in public discussions and (social media) campaigns that allow them to share their own personal views on Europe, as well as to be informed about topical European issues and politics.

Objective 2: Get at least 150 young Europeans representing at least 15 different countries to participate in at least 3 conferences, with each conference dedicated to a thematic area.

Objective 3: Compile the results of the conferences into a document and organize a final conference to present and discuss the outcome of the project, thereby inviting and addressing relevant policy-makers and stakeholders.


Get in touch 

Interested in the project or some of our activities? Please contact us at yourvisionforeurope@aegee.org for more information, or visit the website.

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