Getting Involved in Youth unEmployment Project

Dear AEGEE members,

The Youth UnEmployment team is looking for new members, fresh ideas…YOUR

The Youth UnEmployment situation in Europe is one of the biggest problems
of the present and the future. Have you ever paid any thought to the youth
employment situation? Are you interested in what is happening in Europe?
Are you interested in youth policies on employment, youth guarantee,
quality of internship, volunteering, non-formal education?

Do you want to be a member of a multicultural, active team? Do you want to
inspire other people with your positive energy? Well now you can!

We are starting a new cycle of the project and looking for fresh members
for our team. It does not matter if you are experienced or not in the
field, you are welcome to join us and we will learn all together!

If you are interested in, please fill in the following form and we will get
in touch with you.

Deadline: 20.02.2014 – 23:59 CET

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask at

The YuE team is looking for people filled with motivation, commitment, positive energy, and willingness to work in a multicultural team, having the ability to work online and experience on the local level.

Depending on what the member is looking for, being a part of the YuE team offers the opportunity to work for a European level project, in a multicultural team, to get experience in project/event management, PR, youth policies on employment, to gather networking experience with other important NGOs/stakeholders/platforms working on the topic. More than that, it brings up the possibility to train and participate as a panelist/speaker on the relevant project topics during the many events organised throughout the Network.

Related fields of study:

  • Self-employment (entrepreneurship)
  • Social Media
  • Voluntary work as work experience
  • Quality Internships
  • Non-Formal Education

Working methods:

E-mails, Skype meetings, Facebook groups, sharing data systems (Google docs, Dropbox, etc).

Amount of work required:

This depends on the team members and on how they organise their tasks.