Quality Events forms – Submit and Evaluate your event!

So, you want to organize an event. And of course, the Events Quality Assurance Committee is here to help you!

What is the whole process you need to follow in order for your event to be submitted, approved and evaluated?
Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Send us an e-mail regarding your application 3 months in advance. Describe the event thoroughly so we can fully undestand what exactly you are planning to organize. You are advised to check the Quality Events Manual, follow the 10 steps described and keep up with the deadlines. The guidelines are there to help you organize an amazing event and ensure its quality! Our e-mail is quality.events@aegee.org
  2. Fill in the Event Assessment Form (for GENERAL, TRAININGS and RTCs). The questions are based on the 10 steps described in the manual, so they are there to help you organize a high quality event! They will also provide us with all the answers we need in order to approve your event, ensuring your event will be registered as an AEGEE event.  We have also created an Event Assessment Form Example for your help.
  3. Your E.Q.A.C. responsible will contact you within seven days of your submission with feedback on your answers. That just means that we’ll help you make the connection with the 10 steps more clear, so we can approve your application.
  4. Your event will then be approved! Then you need to:
    1. Upload your event on the Intranet (from your antenna tab go to Event Management -> Create new event).
    2. Send your Open Call to the EVENT-L mailing list.
  5. After the event has finished, you need to fill in the Event Evaluation Form. You have one week to do that! That will help you check if your initial plans were met and if the connection to the 10 steps was achieved. Be honest, so you can keep constantly improving the quality of your events. We’re sure you will and we’re here to help you!

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Quality Event NOW!

The new system for quality events in AEGEE!

The new system for quality events in AEGEE!