Being the biggest interdisciplinary student organisation in Europe comes with certain duties and responsibilities. Towards the European and International institutions we are one of the most relevant student stakeholders, and therefore we must ensure that our messages, statements and policy resolutions are always based on a fresh, young student perspective. To achieve this, we need have a structured way of doing policy work internally, and contributing to policy externally.

The Board of Directors (CD) of AEGEE ensures the running of the organisation as well as provides the political vision for one year. The CD is democratically elected by the Agora, and receives the mandate to speak on behalf of the Network externally. The members of the CD are the main actors in charge of all the external representation, external relations, external communication and policy and advocacy of the Network.

The relevant actors inside AEGEE when making policy, the external stakeholders, and the channels and platforms for dealing with policy making are specified in the Policy and Advocacy toolkit. The members of the main European representative bodies can be found on Members Portal:

Liaison Officers (LOs)

Liaison Officers are selected by the Comité Directeur and ratified by the Agora. LOs are in charge or creating a link between AEGEE and their respective institutions like United Nations, OSCE, OECD and World Bank. They must count on knowledge of how the institution works to facilitate AEGEE´s involvement in its processes. They must also present to AEGEE members all the opportunities which these institutions provide to students and young people. After agreement with Comité Directeur, LOs can also represent the associations in different meetings of the institution they work with.

(Liaison Officers and their institutions)

Policy Officers (POs)

Policy Officers are selected by the Comité Directeur and ratified by the Agora. This position requires certain expertise on a concrete field, preferably connected with the Strategic Plan of the association. They are given the responsibility to gather the opinion of the network in one topic of their field of work, and then translate this opinion into a document which the AEGEE Network can use externally (the Position Paper). The Policy Officers have the right to represent AEGEE externally whenever there are conferences or processes on their topic, always in agreement with the Comité Directeur. They are also in charge of redirecting to the Network the information that can be relevant to allow them to contribute to the consultations, in collaboration with the relevant internal bodies.

(Policy Officers and their fields of expertise)

Pool of Representatives (PoR)

The Pool of Representatives is a group of experienced AEGEE members selected by the Comité Directeur and ratified by the Agora. The purpose of the PoR is to support the representation of the association, including at the political level. Due to the high workload of the CD and the POs, and the geographical widespread of the opportunities available, in many occasions it is not possible/feasible to attend important conferences or events. The members of PoR are sent to different events to deliver the official message approved by the AGORA or agreed with the Comité Directeur.

(List of members of the PoR)