Liaison Office

The Liaison Officers are a group of people that are appointed to maintain a link between AEGEE and the international organisations they work with. Their role is to manage the communication between the two organisations, follow processes in both organisations and monitor where their priorities and initiatives overlap and where closer cooperation can be established.

Members of the Liaison Office 2017/2018

Name Organisation Contact
Marina Klanjčić BEST – Board of European Students of Technology

Ander Guerrero Ruiz ESN – Erasmus Student Network

Julia de Lange OSCE – Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Teresa Oberhauser United Nations Environmental Programme – UNEP
David Meinel United Nations
Spyridon Papadatos European Youth Forum – YFJ
Katarzyna Sokolowska European Youth Forum – YFJ
Jorge Sánchez Hernández ASEF
Noemi Lowy Council of Europe
Francesca Bormioli EESC / CoR