About Policy Officers

The role of Policy Officers is important both internally and externally. Internally, they support the work of Comité Directeur on thematics, and as such they are asked to work in close collaboration with AEGEE bodies (ex. Working Groups, Project Teams) dealing with the same thematic field. Externally, they represent the position of AEGEE on topics they are working on, and participate in policy-making processes.

Tasks of Policy Officers

  • Monitoring the external and internal (AEGEE) news related to the topic assigned to them;
  • Informing the Network about the external happenings related to their topic and starting discussions about the topic within the Network;
  • Gathering the general opinion of the Network and developing the position of AEGEE (in the form of a position paper), as well aswriting shorter positions and opinions to react to external happenings related to the topic assigned to them;
  • Representing AEGEE externally on the issues related to their topic and advocating for AEGEE’s opinion to be heard;
  • Supporting the development of the policy strategy of AEGEE-Europe (the strategy adopted at Agora Patra aiming to define how AEGEE-Europe should participate in policy-making processes);
  • Reporting to Comité Directeur at the end of every month and presenting their report at the Agora.

Topics for Policy Officers

In order to ensure the proper implementation of Strategic Plan 2014-2017, Comité Directeur appointed Policy Officers to work on the Focus Areas of the Strategic Plan. Therefore, there are Policy Officers on the following topics:

  • Policy Officer on Youth Mobility
  • Policy Officer on Youth Employment
  • Policy Officer on Europtimism
  • Policy Officer on Civic Education

Furthermore, Comité Directeur has also decided to address more topics this year and to develop AEGEE’s position on them. Therefore, there are Policy Officers on the following topics:

  • Policy Officer on Migration