Pool of Representatives

The Pool of Representatives is a group of experienced AEGEE members selected by the Comité Directeur and ratified by the Agora. The purpose of the PoR is to support the representation of the association, including at the political level. Due to the high workload of the CD and the POs, and the geographical widespread of the opportunities available, in many occasions it is not possible/feasible to attend important conferences or events. The members of PoR are sent to different events to deliver the official message approved by the AGORA or agreed with the Comité Directeur.

Members of the Pool of Representatives 2018/2019

Alexia Thomas AEGEE-Brussels
Balazs Kovacs AEGEE-Budapest
Dorothea Harles AEGEE-Mannheim
Elisa Tabbi AEGEE-Catania
Elitsa Hadzhieva AEGEE-Sofia
Fabrizio Bellicano AEGEE-Genova
Florian Hauger AEGEE-Heidelberg
Jasmin Kaiser AEGEE-Passau
Katarzyna Sokolowska AEGEE-Krakow
Katharina Krull AEGEE-Passau
Leonardo Manganelli AEGEE-Frankfurt
Lila Quaile AEGEE-Paris
Loes Rutten AEGEE-Utrecht
Marina Klanjcic AEGEE-Zagreb
Maryana Semenyak AEGEE-Lviv
Ola Miklasinska AEGEE-Krakow
Percin Imrek
Ruben Verboon  AEGEE-Utrecht
Teresa Oberhauser AEGEE-Passau
Timon Turban AEGEE-Aachen