AEGEE’s Presentations

Internal video for AEGEE members

Official AEGEE presentations which includes most updated information.

Basic Presentation – 20 mins

It’s ready for you to use. It’s a basic PPT of 22 slides presenting the basic information about AEGEE. You will have guidelines to follow properly the presentation later on.

Extended Presentation – 60 mins (NOT UPDATED)

It’s a more complex presentation with a lot of detailed information. It has 44 slides. Of course, it’s not intended to be shown in one session, but the idea is that you choose the slides you want to present depending on your objectives and the target group. You can also use it as a basis for your local presentations etc. Feel free to play with it.

AEGEE’s Structure

Agora For Newbies (and not only)

Strategic Planning in AEGEE

AEGEE’s Prezi Account

Find more presentations on AEGEE’s Prezi Account!