Eramus+ Programme is the new programme that combines 7 EU education, training and youth programmes, and sport which were in previous years (2007-2013) under specific programs like The Lifelong Learning Programme, The Youth in Action Programme, The Erasmus Mundus Programme, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink and Programmes of cooperation with industrialised countries in the field of higher education

Quick Guide to Erasmus+ for AEGEE

As it might be difficult for you to find information in 263 pages long programme guide, we have for you Quick Guide which sums up the main aspects and news of the programme in short document.

Quick Guide to Eramus

Erasmus+ Guidelines for Member Organisations of European Youth Forum

Erasmusplus guidelines


Erasmus+ Guidelines for MOs 2015

Erasmus+ Presentation

Adjusted Erasmus+ Presentation from European Commission.

EPlus Commission

PDF presentation by the European Commission


Erasmus+ Programme Guide

Full version of the guide you can find at this link:

Registration of the organisation in Erasmus+ Database

New important rule is that all organisations which wants to apply or be partner in the application needs to have Participant Identification Code (PIC of 9 digit numbers) before submitting a project proposal via the official e-Form

E-forms will be generated with partners information taken from PIC number, which means no additional change in partners can be done. Practice as in Youth in Action to send partnership will be adjusted by signing mandate towards the applicant and this mandate will need to be attached to the application (scan of it).

Following guide helps you with registration process

You can also use search functions to find other AEGEE locals as your partners or other NGOs by using search function.

Submit your PIC number to AEGEE database

AEGEE database of PIC numbers of AEGEE locals will enable easier management of partnerships and should help to make this bureaucratic step more easier. Locals are encouraged to submit their PIC number via this form


17 March at 12pm

  • For projects (not activities) starts between 17 June and 31 December of the same year

30 April at 12pm

  • For projects (not activities) starts between 1 August of the same year and 28 February of the following year

1 October at 12pm

  • For projects (not activities) starts between 1st January and 30 September of the following year

How to Apply?

Information from British National Agency of Erasmus+.

  1. Register your organisation on ECAS and the Participant Portal
  2. Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed, or install in for free from the Adobe website
  3. Read Key Action 1 Application Guidance for Youth carefully before downloading the eForm(s)
  4. Download the Mobility for Young People and Youth Workers Application eForm
  5. Download and save the Youth Activity Timetable Template, you will need to complete the relevant worksheet on this spreadsheet and add it as an annex to your application
  6. Download and save the Partner Mandate Template, all partners will need to sign this
  7. Use the Distance Calculator to calculate travel costs for your project
  8. Submit your application online.

How is the application evaluated?

  1. After submission, the National Agency checks the formal criteria (eligibility,  all documents attached, etc). If it doesn’t pass the formal check, the application is automatically rejected without even checking the content!
  2. Application is send to two external experts which will evaluate the application. These experts will evaluate application and set points according this table

Award criteria E+

  1. To be considered for funding, proposals must score at least 60 points. Furthermore, they must score at least half of the maximum points in each of the categories of award criteria mentioned above (i.e. minimum 15 points for the categories “relevance of the project” and “impact and dissemination”; 20 points for the category “quality of the project design and implementation”).