AEGEE’s Visual Identity | Design elements and templates

AEGEE’s Visual Identity 

The aim of Visual Identity (hereinafter VI) is to create a consistent and recognisable image of AEGEE. It helps AEGEE antennae to communicate internally and externally with coherent visuals. All the visuals designed and distributed in and outside of AEGEE must follow the VI and be based on the regulations stated in the Visual Identity Manual 2.0 (hereinafter VIM). This is our bible for PR and this will also be your friend from now on.

AEGEE’s Visual Identity Manual 2.0 – Click to read. NOTE: interactive features not available on online view

If you’re having doubts, check the Frequently Asked Questions regarding VI here. If your question is still unanswered, please contact PRC via

On this page you can find all the editable and working files for all the design elements and many other templates which will help you fasten and simplify the design process. The list of templates and materials available in this page will increase with time, but if you have some VI materials that you would like to share with the Network, please don’t hesitate to send them to us.

Ready? Here we go!


Dynamic squares

To underline the structure of the association as a Network of individuals and groups that are in a constant change, this element should be used as an application for backgrounds. They can be used in any colour of the VI palette but always ensuring its contrast is low enough to allow the readability of the foreground.

The dynamic squares are mainly intended for background usage

Download the dynamic squares in their different versions (ready for use or editable ones) via this link.

Map of Europe

It represents our geographical origin. It can be used as a single coloured map or as an outlined one, filled with a pattern or even pictures, but always without borders. AEGEE strives for a borderless Europe, so this should be also shown on our designs. It can be used in any colour of the VI palette.

Map should not include any borders

Download the map in blue, white or vector in here.


To diversify the designs, the zigzag pattern can be used in many ways: as a background (always ensuring its contrast is low enough to allow the readability of the foreground), a separator, to underline or as a decorative element depending on the amount of lines you use. It can be used in any colour of the VI palette.

Zigzag can be used as background or as a horizontal element

Download the pattern in ready-to-use file or vector ones via this link.

Colour line

The AEGEE colours can be used as a design element, no matter the carrier (lines, dots, symbols or any element), as long as the order of the colours is not changed. The order of the colours must be, from left to right and from top to bottom: red, green, purple, yellow, blue, and can be repeated if necessary.

These are some examples, but you can create colour lines with your own elements

Download the colour lines in ready-to-use files or vector ones by clicking on this link. Find some #protips at VIM’s page 10.


In order to represent the means that AEGEE carries out, the set of icons can be used:

Icons can be used individually or as a set

  • Intercultural exchange: suitacase,
  • Personal development & non-formal education: person reading,
  • Thematic projects: lightbulb,
  • Advocacy and policy: megaphone,
  • Forum for dicusssion: parliament,
  • The A-symbol: can be used as an icon itself.

Download the icons in ready-to-use files or vector ones in here.

In case your project is made in cooperation with some European Bodies of AEGEE-Europe – you can place their logos on promo material. All approved logos can be found via the linkPlease, be aware that any logo design shouldn’t be changed without the approval of PRC.

The A-Symbol

AEGEE's A-symbol

The first A of the association’s name from the logo can be used as a single element for design purposes. It is the only part of the AEGEE logo that can be used separately, though it can’t be used to substitute the logo of a local. But remember, the A-symbol is your new toy, not your new logo.

Download the A-symbol in in blue, white or vector via this link. Do’s and don’ts available at VIM’s page 10.



There are five defined colours that represent AEGEE. These are called AEGEE Colours and cannot be altered. The blue is considered primary among them.

The use of the palette is compulsory and its colours are defined by their CMYK, RGB and HEX codes. You can find the XML palette ready to be imported to your favourite design program in the following links:

The explanation of the meaning of the AEGEE colours can be found at VIM’s page 11.


AEGEE has two main typefaces to support the Visual Identity of the organisation, both to be used for different purposes.

Every time you create a material that includes text, you must use an AEGEE typeface. Find the font families in the following links:


Each font family must be used in accordance to the hierarchy described below:

  • HEADER – BEBAS NEUE or Open Sans in capital letters,
  • Subheader – Open Sans,
  • Body copy – Open Sans.

Remember to follow the hierarchy and use Bebas Neue exclusively for headings

Bebas Neue is, in addition, the Summer University Project official font.


When you need to place a text over a picture (for instance, to make announcements) colour overlay can be used to stylise the result.

The opacity of the colour layer (mainly blue as the main AEGEE colour) should be set at 80% and the background picture should have contrast enough to be visible but without standin out more than the text itself.

The colour overlay works great for announcements or social media images

The text should be white for best visibility, though other colours are allowed as long as the readability of thetext is ensured via contrast.  Recommendations of usage can found at VIM’s page 13.


Making any material V-proof is quite simple. You just need to apply the guidelines compiled in this document.It will make this easier for you and the result will be more professional even if you don’t know much about design.

At VIM’s page 14 you can find a 6-step-guide on how to convert “anything” into a VI-proof material, though having the VIM in mind at the very beginning of the creative process you can save time and effort. Use blue, white, any of the design elements or a combination of them, Bebas Neue and/or Open Sans… and you’ll make no mistake!


Apart from all this recommendations, we suggest you to use our examples/templates since you can edit them in order to covert it into your own PR materials. You will find now a list of materials that are basic in your PR campaign. To edit svg examples you will need vector graphical software such as Adobe Illustrator or free Inkscape. You will also find another kind of files easier to use but less editable. Check and start using the materials of AEGEE-Europe.

Posters Template

Click in here to download the different files. You will find 3 different folders:

  • Poster 1 – jpg,png,pdf,svg,ai,eps,psd
  • Poster 2 – jpg,png,pdf,svg,ai,eps,psd
  • Poster 3 – jpg,png,pdf,svg,ai,eps,psd

Leaflet Template


Click in here to download the different files. You will find 2 different folders:

AEGEE-Europe banner Template

The size of the banner is 80×200 cm.


Click in here to download the different files – jpg,png,pdf,svg,ai,eps,psd

Flyer Template

Click in here to download the different files – png,pdf,svg,ai,eps,psd

Diploma Template

certificate_light background_Bebas Nue_examplecertificate_blue background_Bebas Nue_example

certificate_light background_Open Sans_examplecertificate_blue background_Open Sans_example

 Business Cards Template





AEGEE Presentation Template

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-09 a las 14.21.36 copia

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-09 a las 14.24.03 copia

Booklet Template

booklet template with overlay_Bebes Nue_Page_1

booklet template_Bebes Nue_Page_1

A Letter with name of all Locals

hoodie design_print

Click in here to download the different files – png,ai,svg,eps

Word Letter Head


ZIP file – dotx (MS Word)

AEGEE WordPress Theme version 1


ZIP file

Note: If SMThemes writes you for an allegedly copyright infringement, just write an e-mail to with the address of your website. We will give you the activation code for your website since the license belongs to AEGEE-Europe and every website needs to be activated individually. You can also request it in advance to have your back covered!

AEGEE WordPress theme version 2


ZIP file

MailChimp Template


ZIP file – html


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