AEGEE’s Visual Identity | Logo design


The logo of AEGEE represents a key, the Key to Europe that this association represents for its members.

AEGEE logo, “Key to Europe”

Check out the history, guidelines regarding the custom area, name and tagline and how to work with the logo in the VIM, pages 5 to 9.

Customised area of the logo

Each local can add a unique element to a specific area of the logo that would allow further recognition of the branch. Please check the VIM, pages 5 and 6, for further information.

AEGEE logo customisable area is marked in blue

The only thing you need to get a logo of your antenna is to change ‘CITY’ to your local’s name.

Click here to download editable files.

In case you already have some element for the customised area, put it there and send the logo to PRC for approval via this link.

Keep in mind that you can only use the customised logo once PRC has APPROVED it. Any customised area not approved by PRC is not allowed and even logos approved before June 2016, when VIM2 entered in force, will be re-checked. Contacts will be contacted by PRC if their logo needs to be modified.

If your logo is approved by PRC, but editable files are lost – please, contact us via and we will try to find it in archives.

Find out how to create the perfect customisable area in pages 5 and 6 of the Visual Identity Manual.

The aim of Visual Identity (hereinafter VI) is to create a consistent and recognisable image of AEGEE. It helps AEGEE antennae to communicate internally and externally with coherent visuals. All the visuals designed and distributed in and outside of AEGEE must follow the VI and be based on the regulations stated in the Visual Identity Manual 2.0 (hereinafter VIM). This is our bible for PR and this will also be your friend from now on.

AEGEE’s Visual Identity Manual 2.0 – Click to read. NOTE: interactive features not available on online view

If you’re having any unanswered question, please contact PRC via