Those who has applied according to CIA for Travel Reimbursement and are eligible must follow this guidelines.

According to the CIA, General Financial Rules, Article 18: Travel Costs:

(1) 1Travels have to be announced to the Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe in advance.
(2) 1An application for reimbursement for a certain month has to be at the Financial Director’s within the following 21 days after travel or event took place.
(4) Reimbursements not claimed according to these rules can be refused by the Financial Director by sending back the whole application form with an explanation.

Fill in the reimbursement form

Any request should start with filling a Reimbursement Form 2018.

Also, in order to have a better track and storage of all the expenses and uses of the money of AEGEE and also the projects / trips that have taken place in our organization, some of you will have to wait to get your reimbursement approved until some of you reports have been submitted (ex. minutes of an Agora for the Secretary), but you will be informed by the correspondent responsible.

In order to make it perfectly, here you can find the Survival Guide of how to make a reimbursement. Everything is explained there.

As you have read in the guide, here are the important remarks you can never forget, otherwise your reimbursement will not be approved:

  • Put all the data correctly.
  • Do not forget to put the date and your signature.
  • Staple clearly visible all the ticket and invoices.
  • Put and send the original ticket and invoices by email and by post.
  • Fill in the Report form and send it by email with the digital version of the Reimbursement Form.

Last but not least, send it to the head office:

Financial Director

Rue du Noyer / Notelaarsstraat 55
1000 Brussels, Belgium

For any doubt, do not hesitate to contact the Financial Director to the address

You have one 21 days to submit your travel reimbursement after your travel has finished. If you do it later, the Financial Director could refuse the payment!