Results of AEGEE Social Responsibility Fund for Agora Zaragoza

The AEGEE Social Responsibility Fund (ASRF) launched a special Call for support to participants for the Agora Zaragoza, and after the deadline we received 6 applications for support. For the sake of transparency, here is the result of the selection process (names of applicants are kept unrevealed due to privacy reasons).

2 applicants did not submit the necessary documents so they could not be be selected.
1 applicant was not selected as participant of the Agora so his application wan not selected.
1 application was selected and will get support up to the required amount demanded in the application.
1 application was selected for partial funding, and alternatives for traveling were suggested.
1 application was not selected for support.

According to ASRF Working Format, a committee composed of CD, HRWG and NetCom decided on the applications.

We want to thank all the donors of the ASRF for making possible that two AEGEE members make it to the Agora and can participate in our General Assembly. And we kindly invite you to continue supporting the ASRF so we can continue making this possible!