Safe Person Project Team Open Call

#WHAT Safe Person Project Team Open Call

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#DEADLINE  10th February, 23:59 CET


Dear Network,

During Agora Catania, and in the last months, the topic of sexual harassment, discrimination and abuse inside AEGEE was in the spotlight.

A motion on sexual harassment during AEGEE events was approved by Agora. Besides, some volunteers successfully launched the Safe Person Project and provided support to victims of sexual harassment and other kinds of discrimination during the Agora itself: they received several reports and reacted to them. The feedback was generally very positive, so we aim at continuing, developing and improving it.

Following up on these actions, the Comité Directeur decided to work on this topic. AEGEE should be a safe space, where values of respect and consent are of primary importance. AEGEE should educate its members and make sure they act as responsible and conscious citizens in every respect.

Therefore, the Comité Directeur is launching an Open Call for the Safe Person internal project,  which will tackle specifically the problem of (sexual) harassment and discrimination within AEGEE. Its main tasks will be:

  1.     Educate and prevent: design and launch an awareness campaign and implement activities to raise awareness among AEGEE members about the concepts of consent, sexual harassment and alcohol/drugs abuse, reflecting also on the underlying causes of this kind of behaviors.
  2.     Create a support structure during AEGEE events, where participants can report cases of sexual harassment, drug or alcohol abuse and receive due help, with a particular focus on Statutory Events and Summer Universities.
  3.     Define clearly the consequences in cases of sexual harassment or other illegal actions.
  4.     Create guidelines for organisers for events in AEGEE

They will work in close cooperation with Comité Directeur and Mediation Commission. In order to be eligible to become a member of the task-force, you should be able to demonstrate relevant experience in the field of psychology, mediation or law, or expertise on the topic.

If you are interested, please fill in this form before the 10th Febarury, 23:59 CETIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact María at

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