SMASH Training for Trainers – Open Call for Trainers




#Deadline: 21st of June

AEGEE / European Students’ Forum is looking for trainers  as part of the SMASH project, an annual workplan of the European Youth Foundation (EYF).

SMASH (Structural Measures Against Sexual Harassment) is a project aimed at developing educational materials for youth workers to be able to prevent, detect and react to sexual harassment within their organisations. You can find more information about the project here

The project consists of 3 trainings:

  • Tbilisi, Georgia, 9-14 April 2019 (9 arrival day, 14 departure day)
  • Helsinki, Finland, 12-16 June 2019 (12 arrival day, 16 departure day)
  • Alicante, Spain, 2-9 October 2019 (Training for Trainers)

This call is for trainers for the third and last training of the project, for 2 trainers.

Aim and objectives:

The aim of the work plan is to create a sustainable system to prevent and tackle the problem of sexual harassment in (youth) organisations, as well as other events and activities involving youth.

The objectives of the work plan are the following:

  1. Train youth workers on how to prevent, detect and react to sexual harassment, as well as on how to implement a system to do so in their local realities
  2. Create guidelines for local, national and European organisations and initiatives to implement a system to prevent, detect and react to sexual harassment. These guidelines should address both:
    1. How individuals can proactively prevent, detect and react to sexual harassment.
    2. Which organisational structures and measures need to be in place to create a safer environment.

These guidelines must be adaptable to different realities and environments (different kind of events, different sizes, different settings, different cultural backgrounds), by being tested in different situations and events.

  1. Train trainers that, by becoming multipliers, can train others on how to implement this system to tackle sexual harassment in their organisations and realities.
  2. Disseminate the guidelines among other (youth) organisations, institutions at all levels (local, national, regional and European) and other stakeholders..

Training 1: Tbilisi

The training focuses on building the capacities of the participants on what sexual harassment is, which forms it can take, and how to prevent, detect and react to it, as well as on how to implement it in their local realities. At the same time, the training will be the starting point to develop the guidelines on “How to be Safe Person and how to implement it in your local reality”.

The aim of the training is to test the workshops and activities developed during the preparatory meeting. The feedback of participants will be integrated in the toolkit for trainers and in the third training for trainers.

Training 2:

The training consists of a first part in which participants learn what sexual harassment is and which forms it can take, as well as how to prevent, detect and react to sexual harassment. The guidelines developed in training 1 will be presented, as well as the observations from testing it in a big scale event, and it will be finished in this second training, paying special attention to the intercultural perspective and the adaptability to the context. These guidelines will be applicable to events of different size and length.

Training 3:

The third training is a training for trainers. 10 trainers will learn how to take into account and implement the gender perspective during their trainings, as well as how to deliver the training methodology for the Safe Person (how to prevent, detect and react to sexual harassment) which was developed for the Training 1 and Training 2. Following this, participants of the training for trainers will become multipliers, able to train more youth workers into being safe person, ensuring the multiplicability and transferability of the project.

For this training, we will use as model the training methodology developed, tested and adjusted through the previous two international activities of the workplan. We will present the developed guidelines on “How to be a Safe Person and how to implement it in your local reality” as the main supporting document during their trainings, that will be complemented with the toolkit for trainers developed through the workplan too.

Expected outcomes:

  • To train participants on implementing the gender perspective in their trainings and activities
  • To ensure participants are able to train youth workers following the Safe Person system developed in the previous trainings
  • To evaluate the educational guidelines on how to become an actor in tackling sexual harassment
  • To evaluate the training methodology to feed the toolbox for trainers on “How to train youth workers against sexual harassment”

The selected trainers are expected to:

  • Have experience in non-formal education and Training for Trainers;
  • Be knowledgeable and experienced in implementing gender perspective in trainings and youth activities;
  • Be knowledgeable about sexual harassment and how to tackle it from a youth perspective;
  • Be in charge of designing the activity programme of the event, following the application of the project;
  • Be generally available between the preparatory meeting and the event to communicate with the team and work independently on the content of the event;
  • Facilitate sessions of the activity programme;
  • Evaluate the results of the event;
  • Be available for the preparation meeting and for the whole duration of the event;
  • Be available for actively contributing to the production of the expected output.

The selected trainers are expected to attend a preparatory meeting in Brussels, 30th of August – 2nd of September (working days 31st of August and 1st of September).

Costs for travel, board and lodging during the prep-meeting and the training will be covered. Each trainer will receive 700 euro benefit for the training, once all the obligations related to preparation, delivery and follow-up of the training will be fulfilled.

If you’re interested, send your CV, cover letter and training portfolio to before the 21st of June midnight. Please indicate in the subject of your e-mail “SMASH trainer T4T”.

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