Interest Groups

General information

What is an Interest Group?

An Interest Group (IG) is an informal group of AEGEE members interested in one particular topic. The purpose of such group is to create a space in AEGEE to gather members with the same interest and provide a space for discussion for them. It might be an ideal place where ideas for new projects and initiatives spring up.

How to become an Interest Group?

In order to become an Interest Group, you need to fill in the form below on this page.

After we have received your application, you will be contacted by the Comité Directeur either with an approval or disapproval of the proposed Interest Group. CD will help you also to set up needed spaces for communication.

Approval will be granted for all IG applications that focus on a thematic field and are not going against the principles or regulations of AEGEE.


The most important task of an IG is to stimulate thematic discussions inside AEGEE. Besides having discussions, it is up to the IG itself to come up with activities they can deliver in AEGEE (for example presence at the AEGEE Fair, workshops, events etc.)

Moderator of the Interest Group should give an overview of the activities/discussions in the Interest Group in every 2 months to the appointed member of the Comité Directeur.

Who can join IG?

Every AEGEE member is welcomed to join as many Interest Groups he/she wants.

What are communication channels IG can use?

– Mailing list

If mailing list is required as a communication channel, CD is responsible for the creation of one.

– AEGEE Forum

If Forum space is required as a communication channel, CD is responsible for the creation of separate space for the Interest Group in the AEGEE Forum.

– Social media

If an IG (respective moderator) decides to use social media as an communication channel of the IG, he/she is allowed to do so. In case of Facebook, creation of a group for discussions is allowed as well as creation of a page to promote the activities of the Interest Group.

The Form

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