List of Interest Groups

Existing Interest Groups

Here is the list of existing Interest Groups. This list will be updated every time when there’s a new Interest Group approved.


Are you interested in culture? Would you like to write for an international cultural website and organize international events? Do you want to deepen your engagement within the AEGEE community? Are you just curious?
Don’t miss the chance and join the Culture Interest Group! Visit our blog, spread your ideas, write on your favourite themes and participate in our thematic events. The aim of our Interest Group is to promote European culture in all its form. If you are more into music, you can write about the last album you discovered. If you prefer literature, you can tell us about your favourite author. Did you just come back from an amazing trip to a European country? You can share in the blog your impressions about the new culture you just experienced. You don’t feel confident enough with English? No problem! You can write in your native language. Our blog is multilingual and if you want to exercise in reading in another European language it is the right place to go!
Come to our stand to meet us, discover something more about the contemporary European cultural scene and find out about all the opportunities we offer.

Gender Equality

The Gender Equality Interest Group creates a space for discussion and learning about issues regarding gender. We strive for equality within our network as well as outside of it, focusing on gender and taking into account other ways of discrimination from an intersectional perspective. If you are interested in organizing an activity about the topic don’t hesitate to ask us for materials.


The Migration Interest GRoup (MIGR) focuses its activities on…

…raising awareness about the current global and European situation on migrants from different perspectives

…sharing best practices to contribute to the internal education regarding migration in AEGEE;

…taking concrete initiatives of volunteering;

…participating at migration-related conferences and meetings representing AEGEE Europe;

…advocating the rights of migrants.

Visit us on Facebook or contact us via mail:


Health4Youth Interest Group is continuing the aims of the previous project for educating AEGEEans about health matters. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle among European youth and motivate them to adopt it in their lives.
What exactly do they do? Healthy SUs and other events, workshops, surveys, booklets and much more! Brainstorming Skype meetings take place once a month. Join and make AEGEE more healthy, one AEGEEan at a time.

  • Join the Facebook group if you want to talk and discuss about health!
  • Join the mailing list here if you want to act by doing health activities and initiatives!
  • You can follow us in Social Networks: Twitter & Instagram
  • If you have any doubts, contact the moderator of the group: Melissa Carreres –


The goal of the Language Interest Group is to raise the awareness within AEGEE about the value of multilingualism, encourage and help AEGEEans to learn more foreign languages and discuss issues related to language policies, minority languages and language diversity.
By organizing different projects and supporting locals in organizing language related activities and events, we are breaking language barriers and promoting the benefits of language learning.

Society and Environment

How do we relate to our environment ? are we taking our daily life for granted ? how can we challenge our habits ? do YOU want to think about how societies rely on our environment ?
It is time to TALK about environmental issues, what’s going wrong ? what’s going well? it’s time to give each other informations about how this world is spinning around.
In our time of globalisation, we’re getting more and more aware of the environmental consequences of the Industrial Revolution and of Capitalism in general. Is there a way to improve our relationship to the environment without losing our comfort in life?
We’re bombarded by information concerning CO2 emission, hole in the ozone layer, polar bear dying, the ice melting, the climate changing, … BUT what is really happening ? Info or Intox ?
This interest group « Society and the Environment » is willing to tackle these societal topic. No shaming, just sharing informations, taking initiatives… Awareness and Acknowledgement are the first steps towards change.

Internet Governance

This Interest Group, in short IG², was born from a simple reflection: why us, the first native digital generation that daily shapes digital technologies through the spreading of contents all over the internet, are left apart from the political discussion on how to use/regulate this tools for leaving them as accessible and open as possible for the whole society?
Most of youth don’t think is possible to raise their voice on this policy decision process (most of them under the big container of Internet Governance processes), so that’s why IG² is here!
IG² wants to discuss with you on how we can affect Internet Governance processes, support your knowledge development of this “huge” field (simple estimation: sum human right with civic education and extend both in the context of cyber-physical level…) and finally, take concrete action on the field!
To be more familiar, human rights on internet (hate speech/freedom of expression, Internet bill of right), net neutrality (never heard of roaming), e-democracy/governance (familiar with Opin and EUth), multi stakeholder governance (Do you know how is governed ICANN, the one who decide and manage the name on the internet?), data protection (who store and use my data on the web? Right to be forgotten?)… are just some of the topic discussed inside IG², that reflect the multidisciplinaires imprinting of the field.
Because discussions are only the seed for action, one of the main aim of IG² is to foster the participation on IG related event (New Media Summer School, EuroDIG, National/International Internet Governance Forum, Internet Freedom Festival, etc.), where discussion will be enlarged to a wider range of stakeholder (multi-stakeholder approach) and open confrontation will be a driver for our society development.