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Dear Network,

After 2 weeks of carefully review and an Open Call, plus the internal changes who has seen Dennis and Oguzhan getting elected as Audit Commissioners and Teresa joining the CD #55 as Financial Director (again, congrats), we decided to announce our team from Spring Agora Enschede till Autumn Agora Catania.

Sadly we decided together not to take all the candidatures, as we needed to make considerations about our own work. Still, we would like to thank all the other candidates for their time.

The team will consist of 24 people as yes, we still have ambitious plans for things Audit needs to do and moreover, we do think there is the need to have trained Auditors to spread the Financial Education towards the whole network.

Yes, it’s one thing we 3 all agree on.
So, without any further adoo, the members of the team are

3 Elected Commissioners

Luca Bisighini – AEGEE-Brescia, AEGEE-Academy, AEGEE-Katowice and AEGEE-Kraków
President of the Audit Commission, elected in Autumn Agora Chisinau 2016

Dennis Bosman – AEGEE-Nijmegen
Audit Commissioner, elected in Spring Agora Enschede 2017

Oğuzhan Ayhan – AEGEE-Ankara
Audit Commissioner, elected in Spring Agora Enschede 2017


13 Confirmed Subcommissioners

Michele Bezzi, AEGEE-Bergamo
Avram Catalin, AEGEE-Ploiesti
Olivera Lukic, AEGEE Beograd
Wegener Mareike, AEGEE-Aachen
Nils Barkawitz, AEGEE-Aachen
Maria Kochkina, AEGEE-Moskva
Marijana Asprovska, AEGEE Skopje
Simon Roussel, AEGEE-Lille
Blažo Živković, AEGEE Podgorica
Anna Nemets, AEGEE Kharkiv
Astrid Wentzel, AEGEE-Groningen
Cheyma Sfayhi, AEGEE Pecs
Amy Treuren, AEGEE-Amsterdam


8 Newly Selected Audit Subcommissioners

Meichelböck Franziska Maria, AEGEE-Mannheim;
Ana Gutiérrez Trascasa, AEGEE-Burgos;
Haqi Abdullayeva, AEGEE-Bakı;
Roberto Meneghetti, AEGEE-Torino;
Karolina Krawczyk, AEGEE-Kraków;
Katarzyna Zarzycka, AEGEE-Wrocław;
Luis Miguel Cano, AEGEE-Valladolid;
Antón Álvarez Olmo, AEGEE A-Coruña.

Each one of new ones, will have within 1 month, the needed individual KT, introduced to the work of the Audit Commission, and as well, we will like to take into consideration their ideas to exploit them for the benefit of the whole AEGEE network.
PLUS: we already have some ideas for them to work on.

On behalf of the Audit Commission’s elected team, we wish them the best of work on their term.

Soon, you will be updated with the reviewed Working Plan, as we will have soon, 2 upcoming Skype Calls, here on the Members’ Portal, on our Facebook Page and in the newly turned AEGEE Group for Finances and Fundraise, former Audit Commission’s group.


Financially Yours,

The Audit Commission Team Enschede-Catania
Luca, Dennis, Oğuzhan


[AKA these people]


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