Presentation of new Subcommissioners of Audit Commission


Dear Network,

After almost 1 month of application and a selection process, it is Audit Commission’s pleasure to inform you that the team of Subcommissioners of Audit Commission has finally been selected and already working.

The members of the team are:

Michele Bezzi, AEGEE-Bergamo
Dennis Bosman, AEGEE-Nijmegen
Teresa Carene Kiambu, AEGEE-Udine
Avram Catalin, AEGEE-Ploiesti
Olivera Lukic, AEGEE Beograd
Ceyda Peker, AEGEE Eskisehir
Wegener Mareike, AEGEE-Aachen
Nils Barkawitz, AEGEE-Aachen
Maria Kochkina, AEGEE-Moskva
Bruna Fernandes, AEGEE-Porto
Gulnur Aliyeva, AEGEE Tallinn
Liis Danelson, AEGEE-Tallinn
Marijana Asprovska, AEGEE Skopje
Simon Roussel, AEGEE-Lille
Lavderim Hoxha, Aegee Tirana
Javid Isayev, AEGEE-Baki
Blažo Živković, AEGEE Podgorica
Anna Nemets, AEGEE Kharkiv
Astrid Wentzel, AEGEE-Groningen
Cheyma Sfayhi, AEGEE Pecs
Amy Treuren, AEGEE-Amsterdam
Oğuzhan Ayhan, AEGEE-Ankara

You can see the whole team, in this video.

On Audit Commission’s behalf, I wish them the best of work on their term.

Soon, you will be informed about the Antenna Division, some communication channels, and much more, like Extra Roles assigned to facilitate your work.

Financially yours,

Luca Bisighini
President of Audit Commission


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