SUbmissions of SUs has Started!

Dear Network,


SUCT 2015-2016 is proud to announce the start of SUbmissions of Summer Universities 2016! Personally, we are very excited and are waiting for your SUs since we know that you are the ones to change someone’s lives :) So the more amazing SUs we have – the more amazing and happy AEGEEans will spread the idea of #summerofyourlife afterwards!



Also we want to help you with organizing a bit. Check our brand new website you will find lots of useful information. For instance, on guidelines page you will find links and descriptions to:

    • guidelines about the cooperation with AEGEE-bodies. When thinking about the topic and the program of your SU, take in consideration awesome opportunity to collaborate with Working Group, Projects and Interest Groups of AEGEE. You also have offers from official media channel of AEGEE – the AEGEEan magazine, as well as from professional in Project Management in AEGEE – the Academy, ACT, E.Q.A.C. Organize your native language course or self-development course, tell people more about democracy or dive into healthy lifestyle – the content you bring to your SU, making you more interesting, is up to you!
    • booklet about organizing Summer Universities! Something made with love from SUCT 15/16 together with SUpporters! All the valuable info about how to organize the best Summer University, some insights and tips for best organizers are there – you need just to read it, to have some luck and you are there!
    • booklet for Outgoing Responsibles to make their and our lives easier, to highlight their key role in assuring participants with amazing SUs and assuring organizers with amazing participants
    • SU logo in different options in Promo materials section. Please pay attention that starting from this year it is compulsory for all promo materials of your SU (except t-shirts) to include SU logo to assure the Visual Identity of SU project and of AEGEE. 

When you already have your concept developed and you feel like SUbmitting your SU online, check if you have everything ready for it. The structured info can be found here in the checklist or here is something else for you:


to submit until 15th of January:

Organiser (1 or more according to number of antennae)
Incoming responsible
SU e-mail address 
Date start + Date end
SU starts in + SU ends in (city) NEW!
Theme Category – add Leisure and rename Politics to Civic Education
Cooperation with body – make it as a list to choose and as last put None
Explain how are you going to implement the theme (for SUCT)
Cities that will be visited (all)
Number of participants
Optional fee – yes/no + amount and what is it gonna be used for
Type of lodging
Preliminary program – include activities in correlation with you SU theme. Do not forget about including AEGEE introduction and 2 compulsory sessions
Event suitable for disabled participants?
Short SU description – 1-2 sentence long catchy description to be shown on website.
Not compulsory until 15th of January:
SU website
Facebook webpage
SU promo video
Coordinates of visited cities
Special equipment needed
Photos (up to 6)
to submit until 5th of March:
Coordinates of visited cities
Detailed description of SU
Ideal participant
Places descriptions
Day-by-day program
Photos (up to 6)
Optional until 5th of March:
Course level
Time table
SU website
Facebook webpage
SU promo video
Special equipment needed
University support
Special questions to choose participants


In case you have questions, we are here to help you!

Contact us on Facebook, via e-mail ( or ask us lively during next hangout with SUCT on 10th of January, 18:00 CET!


Also join the facebook group for organizers of Summer Universities 2016  to share their experience, questions and answers, to develop new ideas. Check the description and join if you feel like being either receiver or donor of knowledge :)

SUmmerly yours,


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