SUPS: Summer University POWER School





Even though the abbreviation stands for Summer University Project School, it sure is the power source for the organizers of Summer Universities.

For 11 years this great school has educated AEGEEans to make them better organizers, helpers and even participants. All those years countless benefits are provided to the project especially last year: all newly elected SUCT members were the participants of SUPS Izmir’14!

As the project develops itself year by year changes and improvements are inevitable. Among the many highlights of this year there are: GREEN SU, more Action Agenda ACTivities, inclusion of disabled people, extra award categories. As Outgoing Responsibles are the best allies of the project, their duties and importance are revised and strengthened as well.

Of course it is not to reveal all the secrets of the training by giving spoilers here but we call it a quick trailer in order to attract the audience and provoke your curiosity. From PR strategies to budgeting, from managements to logistics, leadership, risk assessment; all blended in case studies – practical tasks in groups to show what kind of situations can organizers face during the SU- are only some of the ACTions of the movie. The scenario is written by very talented and experienced scenarists of AEGEE {Antonis Triantafyllakis (AEGEE-Heraclio), Luca Lombardo(AEGEE-Torino), Ioana Duca (CD), Ksenia Lupanova (SUCT)}; will be directed by an amazing director Anna Pykhtina (Smailikova) and brought to you by “The Academy”.   Now we are calling for the actors and actresses of our movie, which will be on theaters in Summer 2015!


Here are some quotes by the former actresses/actors of the previous movies:


1505299_10203837104473003_542531004511856563_n“I have to say that after the SUPS I felt like I had been in the dark for so many years. I never knew that so many amazing people could came together in one room. After the event I felt stronger because the training sessions somehow showed me the right way to take what we needed for our SU. And the highlight was of course the preparation of our Mushi-Mushi SU during the case study”

Masi Njeshi – AEGEE-Tirane, SUPS Izmir ‘ 14 participant



“Before SUPS I was thinking about how can I organise a picnic with my local member,6285_10152891971282287_392522493905919792_nafter SUPS I understood that time is closing for AGORA!!!!”

Göksan Kahraman- AEGEE- Izmir, SUPS Izmir’14 organizer




We asked to the director – Anna Smailikova- some questions and here are the answers:

What was your first experience at SUPS?

“Last year I attended SUPS as a SUCT representative and it was an amazing experience. I think each AEGEE training is the place to learn not only for participants but also for the trainers as well as the local organizers! The spirit, sessions, and team – everything was awesome and that week in beautiful Izmir will always be in my heart! “

Why did you want to become the director (training manager )?

“It was not planned decision. I was asked by Academy if I am interested in doing this. Frankly saying, I wouldn’t apply as I never though I can be training manager. But I love challenges and agreed and now super happy! Although SUPS was moved from December to March, I still feel excited being Training Manager of such great event! As I saw the project from inside, now I am willing to make it even better!”


The set is in the beautiful city of Romania, Cluj-Napoca.





10849819_323559074500049_8604145750002833602_n“We are a just a hand-full group of members, but we are very active and energetic; we organised last year a lot of

events like Yvote, Networkmeeting, SU and many more. Half of the population of Cluj-Napoca is student and it is

the European Youth Capital of 2015. Also our city has a rich cuisine like sarmale (cabbage filled with meat), mici,

cozonac, mamaliga and countless others.”

says the main organizer of the event Bia Sabau.






If you want to visit this beautiful city and meet with these amazing people while tasting the delicious food aand…..


If you want to become a STAR, you know what to do (yes click here)


Summerly yours :)

Georgia, Suzan, Ksenia, Antonis