Survey for Policy Paper on Civic Education – Ddl: 20th March

#Survey: Here
#Deadline: Sunday 20th of March
We would like to request your collaboration to collect answers for the survey on civic education.

The survey aims to define AEGEE’s opinion in the field of civic education, one of the 4 Focus Areas of the current Strategic Plan (2014-2017) of AEGEE-Europe. The Policy Paper on Civic Education will be presented at Agora Bergamo for its approval by the Agora.
The survey will ask you about your opinion, perception and experience with civic education in your country. It will take you between 5 and 15 minutes to fill it in (depending on the time you take to think about the questions and if you answer or not the not compulsory questions).
The participation of as many AEGEEans as possible is very important for the representativeness of the results and to collect information which can be later used by the Civic Education Working Group and AEGEE as a whole to improve the situation of civic education in the different European countries. Please, help us to distribute the survey among the members of your antenna and other AEGEE friends.
Thank you for your collaboration in defining AEGEE’s opinion on civic education.
Stay Civic, Stay Educated,
Policy Officer in Civic Education

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